Aquarium fish in the garden pond

Ornamental pond with beautiful fishes and aquatic plants adorns our garden.

Believe that tips for building a pond and settling pond garden fish from the aquarium will be interesting and useful to other gardeners.

Our site is an agricultural Association “Aleshinsky gardens”, which forty years ago was created at Moscow Alechinsky peat bogs.

Much time and effort it took back then our parents, and all members of the partnership, to first drain their six acres, and then begin to develop the area.

Several decades later we inherited this garden plot and decided to create this Beauty…

The idea to organize in the garden decorative pond have not found the delight of our suburban neighbors – is it necessary to put so much effort into draining the swamp, then “back to normal”?

But we already felt!

In total, it took three years for us to convince your neighbors that garden and six acres pond has the right to life…

Features construction our decorative pond

In the construction of plastic pond options artificial ponds we had not even considered (at the time the choice was limited), but for the life of Kuvshinnikova a certain depth.

Along created in the garden of landscape composition from Manchurian walnut. juniper and yew we dug a small pond the size of 2×3 m with a depth of just over one meter.

A pit lined with a worn, yet sturdy material – cloth advertising banner.

In case of heavy rains put an overflow pipe and led into the ditch.

The shoreline of the pond covered with coconut mats, which gave him the appearance of a natural pond.

Fill your pond with water and let it settle.

To not overload the pond vegetation, put a few water plants. cattail, yellow iris, deep-water Lily – white and crimson. The volume of water in the pond is well heated, so we moved here from the home pond thermophilic yellow water Lily to autumn.

All pond inhabitants have safely taken root and bloomed that summer.

Our work on constructing a garden pond took with gratitude of the frog. which very quickly felt themselves the masters. In the spring and in the pond first appear newts.

But still particularly attractive decorative pond make a beautiful fish. We decided to settle in the pond for the summer of our aquarium pet goldfish and a veiltail.

Problems fish keeping Koi in a garden pond

My advice from experience: for a small garden ponds should not buy decorative Koi.

Unlike goldfish and other aquarium fish, Koi are growing very quickly. Therefore, the content of the grown Koi will require a lot of water.

Besides, in the autumn it will be necessary to solve the problem of creation of favorable conditions for overwintering Koi until next spring.

Koi quite voracious. If they have time to get their portion of food, we don’t mind getting mud and Snoop through all the bottom of the pond. Then we need to solve the problem of water filtration in the pond.

And shoots of aquatic plants in a decorative pond of hungry Koi can chew.

The settlement of garden pond fish

So, our garden pond was equipped and ready to receive fish.

In the second year we dared to let go “swimming” of our aquarium gold “comets” and the veiltail.

The volume of water in our garden pond was quite enough for good life of aquarium fish to swim freely and grow. And among shoots of aquatic plants and under leaves of water lilies in the fish was able to hide from the hot sun and natural enemies.

Given food at the new place, our fish love to eat – so they move without stress.

Acclimatization of aquarium fish in our garden pond was successful. By the fall of the water pond was filled with their larvae.

In our fish life in the pond was adjusted, and at the end of the summer season added hassle. After all, you had to round up the entire herd and sent to winter in Moscow apartment!

And for many offspring and need to purchase additional aquarium.

The construction of the second pond

To a new the summer season fish the youngsters grew up, acquired a beautiful color and behaved actively.

We knew that all our aquarium fish now will not be enough space in the garden pond. But ahead of them the next spawning and increasing offspring!

On warmer days for good aeration of the water in the pond with fish fountain was required. And for a favorable content and flowering water lilies in a pond, looking calm.

Then we without regret parted with the remnants of a degenerate plantation of strawberries that ran via a garden path from our pond, and dug a second pond – wide and smaller first.

Dug between the two lakes, “channel”, “threw” in this place a wooden bridge linking the edges of garden paths. The bridge painted in red color, as the basis of adjacent decorative lamp (a support for the lamp was an old dead Apple tree).

Get the original landscape composition – a cozy corner of the garden in Japanese style .

For the new reservoir, we picked up a shallow-water plants. Put them in containers on the edges of the pond.

Calla. Susak, Wapato and yellow pod is a good collection of plants turned out. And the beauty of flowering flowering rush cannot transfer any picture!

The area of the new pond allowed to post here a fountain, decorated pond and not hurt our water lilies in the pond bloom all summer. And Pisces is the improvement of housing conditions very much!

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