Business plan fish farming

The idea of growing fish in artificially created conditions is known since long, but currently they do not lose their

Business plan fish farming

relevance. The purpose of creation of modern farms is breeding fish in the ponds of natural origin and artificially created ponds and specialized pools. Among the modern methods of fish farming can be distinguished:

Pond fish farming. This method is suitable for the cultivation of various species and classes of fish.

Rearing. In this way grown salmon, carp, pike, bream, perch and so on.

Cage breeding. This method is suitable for growing large fish.

Individual breeders breed fish in mini-ponds, representing large barrels or tubs.

Pre-opening management fish breeding, is the development of a business plan. Only in this way we calculate all future costs and predict the likely returns, you can succeed in this industry.

Site selection and pond

To choose the appropriate plot, which will be located on a farm on cultivation of fish, not only in settlements of small size, but also large cities. The easiest thing to do on their own land.

In this business the fish should install a specialized pool to libbecompat artificial pond. In some embodiments, it is possible to install the welded sheet-iron container (made yourself or ordered in special organizations).

A pond for fish farming must meet certain parameters. It is necessary for the development of individuals proceeded in the right way. Thus, the depth of the pool or pond for the fish should be at least 150 cm, it is important that the bottom of it was clean and did not contain impurities of peat or silt. It is also important to monitor the vegetation of the reservoir, it must be present, but in reasonable limits.

It is important to remember that the purpose of the reservoir is not only to the fish, but also in its cultivation, selection of eggs and incubation of the young. Only under such conditions business can be cost-effective.

As to the breeding of fish in natural conditions – ponds of natural origin, such reservoirs are divided into the following types .

floodplain ponds;



Beamed and riverbed ponds are characterized by a small depth, the presence of the channel and a good flow. However, the breeding of fish in them economically less advantageous than in the ponds of the floodplain type.

Generally, the water bodies of natural origin for cultivation of fish are divided into the following types:

pond feeding species;

nursery pond;

pond for spawning;

wintering pond.

The equipment for cultivation of fish

The obligatory cultivation of fish — periodic water filtration

The main equipment used in the business of growing and breeding the fish is a “gravity filter”, the main purpose for the filtration of the pond. The rest of the equipment used may differ depending on what types of fish are assumed to grow.

Recommendations on the immediate use of the equipment can be obtained from its manufacturers, and also can attend training courses and seminars on technologies of fish farming.

Features of cultivation of fish

For each species of fish has its own particular breeding that must be considered when drawing up a business plan. The most convenient for cultivation are the carp, since the creation of optimal conditions for divorce, the growth rate of fish will increase. In addition, should closely monitor what kind of food to eat fish, because for each breed it is different. Even within the same breed food for adult individuals, larvae and juveniles differ in composition and useful substances.

The observance of optimum conditions of cultivation of fish is not only important for its growth and reproduction, but also to prevent the development of serious diseases, resulting in loss of fish and decrease in the level of income of the business.

The financial part

Additional income can be obtained from the organization of paid fishing

To start a business must be purchased fry. The market price is set depending on their weight, type of fish and size of the fry themselves (the smaller the size the more expensive). For example, the market value of trout fry for 1 kg is 250-400 rubles.

The calculation of the required number of fry should take into account the losses, amounting to approximately 10% of the total weight. Fish from fry to adult age is about 2.5 years. The average weight of an adult trout is about 800 gr. what can be sold at market value 140-160 rubles per 1 kg.

Many farmers advise to buy not fry, and fertilized eggs, as it is more profitable.

To increase the profitability of a business, you can find additional sources of income, for example – the device paid fishings. The income from these activities can reach 5-6% gross profit fish farms.

In the preparation of the business plan fish farm shall be counted in the financial part of the project. It is divided into costs and revenues.

For example, for a farm for the breeding of carp, the expenditure will consist of:

Procurement fry – 10 400 rbl.

Staff salaries – 30 of 300 rubles.

The acquisition of food for fish – 6 700 rubles.

Other costs – 19 700 rbl.

Total expenditure is 67 of 100 rubles.

Estimated gross profit of this business will be 100 000 rubles. Accordingly, taking into account expenditure net income will be equal to 32 900 roubles (without taxes).

The main serious drawback of this type of business is a relatively long payback period.

Download business plan for fish farming for 350 rubles. with our partners, with the guarantee of quality. In the public domain, on the Internet, it is not.

The content of the business plan:

1. Privacy policy

2. Summary

3. The stages of the project

4. Characteristic of an object

5. Marketing plan

6. Economic and technical data of equipment

8. Risk assessment

9. Financial-economic justification of investments

10. Conclusions

On the video the future farmers can learn the specifics of trout breeding

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