Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea

Sea of the Pacific ocean. The waters of the sea of Okhotsk. The strategic importance of the Black sea. Closed in the shores of a large natural pond. The largest lake in Europe. The largest river of the East European plain. Caspian lake is the largest in the world.

Key features of the Black sea: the salinity of the water, the annual course of temperature, depth. The concept of the geological history of the Black sea, the vertical temperature distribution in the Black sea. The proliferation of different departments of tertiary sediments on the coasts.

Geographical position and features of the structure of the Black world. Average monthly temperatures in the Black sea at the surface. Two layers of water with different physical properties, their distinctive features. Causes of hydrogen sulfide in the depths of the sea.

The main geographical features of the Caspian sea: hydrological characteristics, hydrochemical conditions, seismic situation. Economic use of marine resources. The need for urgent measures to improve the environmental situation.

Geographical and Maritime characteristics of the Atlantic ocean, its role in modern international cargo and passenger transportation. The influence of Atlantic water on the flora and fauna of the Northern seas. Characteristics of the main Straits of the Atlantic ocean.

The concept,characteristic and geographical position of the Baltic sea. The species composition of the Baltic sea: marine and freshwater species. Stratification of sea waters. Marine mammals and pollution. Eutrophication and its impact on the ecosystem.

Study of physical-geographic characteristics of the Atlantic ocean – the World ocean bounded by Europe and Africa from the East and North and South America from the West. Features of flora and fauna, matievich currents and bottom topography of the ocean.

Physical features the island of Ilmen – lake in the Western part of the Novgorod region, which belongs to the basin Baltic sea of the Atlantic ocean. Ilmen as Russia’s only water body, the difference of level in which the flood reaches 7 m.


Special differences between the Northern and southern parts of the Atlantic ocean, many Islands and a complex bottom topography, indented coastline, numerous seas and bays, characteristic of currents. Unique yellow shark and the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

The study of the geographical situation the White sea, which belongs to the internal seas of the Arctic ocean. The climatic zone, indicators of water clarity, ice conditions, flora and fauna. Recreational resources of the sea.

Defining the boundaries of the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic oceans. Consideration of the concept of “sea” as an integral part of the marginal areas of the oceans. The history of the definition of the deep sea. The role of the Strait as a connecting link of oceans and seas.

Study of types of coastal zones: sea wind waves, wave currents, coral shores and Islands, marine terraces. The formation of the beach and the sorting of the material in the zone of flow of the surf, the formation of accumulative forms when sediment transfer.


The study of geographical position the Atlantic ocean. Consideration of the features of the anomalous zone between Florida, Cuba and Bermuda. Characteristic aspects of the interaction of ocean, atmosphere and land. The study of the organic world of the Atlantic ocean.


The use of biological resources of the open ocean, energy and mineral resources: oil, fish, minerals. The problem of ocean pollution garbage, toxic chemicals, petroleum products, depletion of marine fish stocks.


The Pacific ocean as the largest and deepest ocean on Earth. The sea and the Islands of the Pacific ocean. The main geological feature of the ocean, its morphostructural zone. The climate of the Pacific ocean and General scheme of currents. Salinity and ice formation, water mass.

Geografca location, the traffic economci value Azovskogo sea, the history of its vivchennya. Bathymetry, tologa colonist, problems zabrudnennya sea. Geographc Ob CTI, grown spoil, gasow of radovish, climate, promisloviy below public fish protection.

The Caspian sea is a unique natural reservoir of our planet. Morphological structure and physico-geographical conditions of the sea. The characteristic climatic, hydrological and geological processes in the basin. Water balance and sea level.

Currents of the Norwegian sea and their characteristics. The ice regime in different times of the year. Biological characteristics of commercial fish of the sea of Okhotsk. A description of the ports of Arkhangelsk, Novorossiysk and Sevastopol. The entrance to the port and exit port. The vessel traffic control.


Coastal lakes and marshes of the Azov sea. Lagoon and lakes the origin of the estuary of the Azov sea. The bays of the estuary utlyukskogo estuary origin, which flow into a small river. The use of estuaries by fish farms. Presnovodnaya parts of estuaries.

Study of physical-geographical characteristics of the Indian ocean, third largest ocean on Earth (after the Pacific and Atlantic). Review of Islands and seas, on its territory. Relief and geological structure of the bottom. The flora and fauna.

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