Description of aquarium fish.

Goldfish belong to the subspecies of silver carp. At the moment their showing a lot of species.

The fins and their bodies are mostly Golden-red color, the abdomen a little lighter than the body. There are also red, pale pink, white, fiery red, black, yellow, dark bronze, black and blue, and other types of colors in these fish.

There are two main varieties of goldfish, characterized by the shape of the body: the long-bodied (shubunkin, comets) and Korotkaya (telescopes, the veiltail).

In decorative ponds. goldfish can grow up to 35 cm (not including tail), and in the aquarium their size usually does not exceed 15 cm.

Gorodomlya live fifteen years, they are very agile, swimming in flocks. Corecctly but some fishes require a separate content in aquariums. For example, telescopes because of its slowness can remain without food. The long-bodied can live up to forty years. But reproductive ability they have lost to eight years.

Features of the care of goldfish.

For goldfish it is recommended to buy a spacious aquarium.

For one adult the long-bodied goldfish need 2 cubic inches of bottom area and 1.5 — corotating. Thus, a 50-gallon tank, provided that it is continuously purged with air, can hold 7 fish.

It is recommended that the aquarium of the classical form, in which the length is twice the width. But you do not want water height exceeded 50 cm, as this will create an additional difficulty in the care of the aquarium, also it will be an extra obstacle for the penetration of light needed for plants. It is often necessary to install lighting systems, it is desirable that the ratio was not less than 0.5 watts per 1 liter.

For bottom use predominantly gravel and pebble. But they must be without sharp edges so that fish are not injured. Goldfish with pleasure digging in the soil, muddy water and love to dig up aquatic plants.

Therefore in an aquarium it is necessary to install a powerful filter, plant with strong root system of the plant or plant them in pots.

Goldfish are easy to care for. The water temperature for the long-bodied fish should be in the range from 17°C to 26 °C, and for corotating — 21°C to 29°C. the warm water can lead to premature aging. PH is not important, and the hardness of the water should be about 8°. The acidity is not of great importance.

In aquariums you need to install lighting, powerful filtration and aeration.

If the fish begin to feel ill, it is possible to add salt into the water 5-7 oz. per liter will help them. The salinity of 12-15% is well tolerated by fish. We recommend regular substitution of the water more fresh.

In the aquarium it is desirable to plant trees with strong roots and hard herbs: potbelly, sagittarii, eel grass, Elodea.

If your aquarium live bigeye fish, it is impossible to decorate it with shells, sharp stones and other objects that can injure Pets. These fish are friendly, they can accommodate other types, except the veiltail to avoid damage to their outfit. They do not see and can not get feed at their slowness.

Diet for goldfish.

Feeding goldfish can be earthworms, bloodworms, white bread, rations, seafood, oatmeal and semolina, ground meat, lettuce, nettles, Ricci, duckweed, hornwort.

Recommended soaking dry food in aquarium water for a while before feeding.

When feeding only dry food can cause problems with the digestive system. Overfeeding is contraindicated. Daily amount of food should not exceed 3% of the weight of the fish. Overfeeding can cause inflammation of the gastro-intestinal tract, obesity and infertility. Week-long hunger strike without harm tolerated by older fish.

The fry start to eat better feeds, micro worm and brine shrimp.

Feed the fish 2 times a day. After 15 minutes of feeding excess food should be removed using a siphon.

Breeding goldfish.

Females differ from males only in the spawning: females have a noticeably rounded abdomen, and the gills and pectoral fins of males become covered with a white “rash”.

After one year, fish reach puberty, but bright colors and magnificent fins are only to two to four years old.

For spawning you can use aquariums with capacity from 20 to 50 liters. Water should be fresh, to defend and kwarcevania a few hours, or sustained sunlight.

Spawning should be bright lighting and strong aeration.

At the level of 2 cm from the bottom should be a large plastic mesh, some corner should be placed a nylon loofah.

At a height of two inches from the bottom of the mount large plastic mesh, and in one corner, put a big bunch of niccacci or nylon scouring pads. The temperature gradually increased after infusion of 2-4 °C.

For a complete fertilization of eggs and guaranteed spawning, 1 female to need to take 2-3 male. Also for a good result, you can resort to group fish spawning.

The label can last from 2 to 5 h. During this period the female manages to produce 2000-3000 eggs. The caviar attached to the sponge and falls to the bottom under the grid so that providers could not eat them. Adults leave the spawning grounds after the label.

At 25°C the incubation period lasts 4 days. During this time it is necessary to remove dead and whitened eggs. Infected by fungi saprolegnia can move them to the living.

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