Fish farming in the country.

Spring – the most that eat a suitable for the event time. If done on time, and not let things drift, then by August it will be possible early morning or in the evening to spend at their own pleasure time sitting with a fishing rod on the shore of the reservoir . And to catch a couple of fish to the table is not difficult. So, how to make a mini fish pond in the suburban area .

We decided to talk about the breeding of carp and crucian carp . Why these fish . the question arises. Yes, the fact that they are unpretentious and have qualities, just suitable for a multiplicity of shallow artificial water bodies country. These “tanks” are often poorly flowing or even stagnant and warm in the summer we need to average temperature at +25°C.

So, the optimal size of a pond will be approximately 4 to 6 m in width, and from 0.8 m to 1.5 m in depth. This artificial pond will be enough to accommodate for life 2-3 dozen crucians and carp weighing up to 300 g. we Must remember that in the heat of summer the water level can drop, which in turn would reduce the number of fish composition.

If you notice that the fish rose to the surface of the pond, and catches a mouth air, it is a signal that the fish closely, and it lacks of oxygen dissolved in the water. The process of relocation of fish from one water body to another was painless for the fish, and they survived without poteria population, it is necessary to pay attention to the observance of a temperature mode in this case. After you caught the fish, gradually, at intervals of 1-2°To align the temperature of the water in the tank, where it is located and the temperature of your pond. Otherwise, the fish may be in shock, and she, most likely, during the day will die.

Although carp and crucian carp . to our delight, the fish are omnivorous, however, they will have to regularly feed. Is fine pre-steamed grain legumes or cereals. Will fit and feed, as substituted by the dough. And if you have earthworms or larvae of any insect, they will be a great addition to the diet. Regarding the amount of food, it is small and may be 3-5% of the fish mass. The process of feeding it is desirable to plan at one and the same time in a special place once or twice a day. Fish are able to produce a conditioned reflex that allows her to quickly find and assimilate food, and we monitor the freshness of food. However, the decrease in water temperature results in a decrease of consumption of fish feed. For the convenience of feeding own resources to build capacity – tray with walls having the required size. It can be raised or lowered to control the availability of feed, because its residues may contaminate. It is also important to know that approximately in the middle of summer fish generally consumes a negligible amount of food.

One of the varieties of carps are ornamental fish – Japanese koi and goldfish . Before the emergence of them in our, pleasing to the eye, modern form, they went through a lengthy selection process. Breeding and caring for them in a pond is hard work, because, like aquarium fish, they require care and attention.

Watching fish in ponds is a continuous aesthetic pleasure and an indispensable tool for relaxation. Fish do not go to the bottom, and show friendliness and allow them to not only see but even touch. This fact makes them very vulnerable to cats. Therefore it is necessary to provide that the distance from the water to the edge of the pond was sufficient to Mouser took a fancy to your pond space for easy hunting.

So whatever the weather you had the opportunity to enjoy the view of decorative mini pond , locate it so that it was visible from the Windows or terraces, and away from areas of active recreation. While the house itself can serve as a shade for the pond during the hottest time of the day. To surface water falling into the pond, he lifted above ground level. When the content of an artificial pond with these fish is absolutely essential to ensure good water cleaning. For this purpose we developed and successfully use special methods of cleaning. In clear water the fish feel good and look great. Floating plants such as water lilies. can purify water and also serve for fish shelter.

And here you are in autumn to fully enjoy the results of their efforts. The question arises, what to do next? It is better not to risk leaving the fish hibernate in the pond: her survival may not be enough oxygen. Still, it’s not a mini-pond in a residential area or a mini-pond in a winter garden. Therefore, the fall is better fish to catch. And in the spring to ready the pond again to start the game, and the sooner this is done, the greater the weight gain will receive it by the end of the season.

In order to accelerate the process of ice melting on a pond, you can sprinkle the surface with coal dust, if any is available. And peat, and just the land is suitable. As you can see, the breeding of fish in artificial and, moreover, a natural swimming pond it is quite feasible. Around the perimeter of the pond you can create a beautiful edging – flower bed of blooming, fragrant, ground cover, shrubs or decorative foliage plants. There are many options that will offer to do this, and landscape design called

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