Fishing in Kuban: winter and summer

Krasnodar region has been famous for its spas. Its location is most convenient: on the territory of Kuban there are two seas at once. Besides them, there are rivers, estuaries and lakes.

In other words, for the avid fisherman in the region there are many attractive places. Thanks to the mild climate the summer fishing season lasts from may to mid-October. But in winter in the Kuban great bite. In reservoirs there are more than 150 species of fish. Among the most popular are bass, carp, silver carp, carp, Sichel and others.

Lakes, ponds and rivers for fishing

In the Krasnodar region, many ponds, where free fishing. There are paid and stocked ponds. The largest river is the Kuban. Its origin is on mount Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus. If originally a mountain stream with a corresponding flow, in the lowland it has been greatly transformed. The diverse flora and fauna make fishing in this area is incredibly exciting.

The Kuban river flows into the Azov sea. It is considered the smallest in the world. But the fauna in this water body includes more than 100 species of fish. Yeisk district of the Krasnodar territory will allow to get acquainted with sea fishing, from shore or by boat. The most commonly found here pelengas, flounder, mackerel, gobies, barabasi other types of fish. Fewer opportunities for recreation with a fishing rod offers the Black sea coast.

In almost every district of the region there are stocked ponds, where all the conditions for fishing, from equipment rentals to cleaning and cooking the catch. In the region there are 6 reservoirs. The largest of them is Krasnodar located at the entrance to the Central city of the Kuban.

In addition it is isolated from Belorechensk, Neverdjayevskaya, Kryukov, Garinskoe, Varnavinsky Raion.

Lake in the Krasnodar Krai can be divided into two groups: highland and lowland. They are found pike, bream, carp, catfish, perch and other Tributaries of the Kuban, including fishing the Old Kuban, famous for the variety of fauna.

Fishing on the sea of Azov


Fishing in Kuban

The best fishing in the province accounted for estuaries. It is a small Bay, formed around the confluence of the rivers into the sea. Fishing in the estuaries is similar with this lesson on lakes and ponds. There are as predatory fish (pike, sturgeon), and those whose food is plankton (bullheads, carp, etc.). Only in the estuaries there are more than 100 species of fish. Most of these reservoirs is located on the Azov coast.

Paid fishing: base and REC

For fishing in the Kuban created a huge number of tourist centers. They not only offered vacation on the stocking ponds, but, if you wish, you can rent almost any equipment, from rods to motor boats and catamarans. Every pond and lake has its status: any they are shared, or rented. In the latter case, the cost of fishing is directly determined by the tenants. Pros of paid fishing is obvious: not only are all the amenities, including the gazebo and barbecues, but it cannot be doubted a good catch.

Shapovalovka ponds will appeal to professionals who are fans of sport fishing. They are located in the Krasnoarmeysky district, the village of Ivanovo. The night tour is not offered. On the base there is a possibility to hire equipment. Here is the school sport of catching carp fish. Fishing in this place is organized all year round.

Not far from Krasnodar, dinsky area, the pond is Zeus. Guests recreation center offers cabins, barbecues, awnings. In reservoirs bred pike, carp, silver carp and other species.

A fisherman in the Kuban

Fry in the river Kuban

The Kuban River

The base of rest “the Kuban farm” is situated in the Anapa area. Here guests can arrange fishing on the river Kuban. The place is perfect not only for professionals but also for fishermen-beginners, which will help an experienced instructor. These places are found not only freshwater species (carp, sazan, pike, sheat-fish), and sea (pelengas, sturgeon, walleye).

On the Azov coast is much hunting and fishing lodges. They are located along waterways. In the winter, on the Azov estuaries goes fishing for roach and pike. Fishing lodges and small hotels will help you comfortably accommodate and warm up after a few hours of successful fishing.

Fishing on the river Kuban

The black sea coastline welcomes guests all year round. In addition to sea fishing there are all conditions for fishing in small rivers and stocked ponds. Recreation centers are located near the resort of Gelendzhik, the Hot Key, Slavyansk on Kuban, Armavir and Temryuk, S. Pshada, Primorsko-Ahtarsk, near Tuapse and Sochi. In the new season of 2016, the price of commercial fishing are likely to be lower because of the crisis.

Local shops for fishing

Relatively new but already a popular pastime on the coast of Kuban is spearfishing. She begins the warm season (April-may) and ends in autumn (September-October). For spearfishing applies peak or a spear gun. Fishing enthusiasts will find in Krasnodar Krai entertainment for every taste. Mild climate, plenty of water bodies, unique fauna and well-developed infrastructure makes the Kuban attractive place for anglers from all over Russia.

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