Fishing on the pond

Fishing on a pond What is a pond? This reservoir, which was created for human needs and has over a million cubic meters of water. In addition to irrigation, sanitary or office purposes, the pond, of course, and is intended to dissolve in it the fish. Fishermen who had not spent many hours on the dock, dangling her feet in the water of the pond and intently watching the float? This feeling of comfort is just indescribable. I have the feeling that fishing has never been so peaceful…

But if one manages to catch fishes, a weekend or vacation day can accurately be called the past for a reason.

Fishing on the pond

Fishing on a pond to fish pond is very simple. Don’t need expensive tackle and bait fine. It is the simplicity and availability of this captivating fishing of many anglers. But, in the opinion of those who firmly engaged in fishing in such a place, hooks and fishing line are the most important gear in order to fish at this pond as a pond.

To ensure a decent catch, it is important to lure the fish, but we should not forget that the busting bait just as bad as the lack of food. If possible, it is best to find out how long ago this pond fished by other anglers. If in one day all getting the feed into the pond, fed the fish just will not go on the hook, ignoring any bait.

Another openfactory, which can interfere with the float on the pond: the noise. Pond residents are shy and sensitive. Fish just will not work, he heard unusual sounds. So quiet and orderly, and a suitable, bright clothing with a neutral color would be very helpful for the angler who decided to try their luck on the pond.

Predators and peaceful fish get along perfectly in this reservoir, so if you are going to fish, it is important to decide what kind of interesting fish to catch. On this basis, should collect tackle fishing (photos). Not only smaller specimens are available for fishing on the pond, magnificent white fish and predators are found in artificial collections of stagnant water. To extract them, but it requires certain preparatory work.

Note the fisherman!

Reminder: it is important not to forget about the bait. As a General rule catching. it can be worms, dug or purchased in advance, caddis larvae, ant eggs, pellets of bread, at least, caught a fly or a spider. These baits can vary depending on the type of fish and can be used individually and in terms of the experiment, one by one.

What kind of fish you catch in the pond

Fishing on the pond depending on what kind of fish inhabits a pond, a pond you can fish both predatory and peaceful fish. Surveying the fishing spot (see photo) to the fishing spots and predicted depth, it is important to configured to apply a tackle to the fish.

For example, when fishing for carp and carp should ensure that the hook lay on the bottom. Indeed, for these individuals the feeding place is the bottom. If you catch krasnoper, then you can confidently conduct experiments of varying depth. This fish will be on time everywhere.

The presence of feeder gear can alleviate worrying Donk, because the feeder has a built-in feeder. Using this tackle, you can catch in the pond a good trophy fish. Also in the pond to hobnob bullheads and carp, pike and silver carp, tench and perch.

Fishing with a fishing rod is also appropriate for fishing in a standing body of water. To attract more fish you can use a bait made at home. Cooked cereals (millet, maize ) be divided into pieces, vykatat in the form of beads to throw into the water, where it is planned fishing (video online). But keep in mind that if you use feeders, cereal porridge should not be viscous, as in the first case. It should have a crumbly consistency, possibly with the addition of breadcrumbs.

As fish on the pond

Fishing in the pond Fishing in the pond fish can and should be. Leisure and pleasure extraordinary, but also a good catch, too. But before you go fishing. you need to prepare. Tackle and bait with bait is prepared with the expectation of a certain fish.

First of all, you need to determine the place. An unfamiliar body of water tells of a fish place by traces of previous anglers. Rudova fish are omnivorous. For this reason, can be caught on these baits:

The maggots;



Bread crust;

Bread crumb;

Semolina and many others.

As for the time of year when the pond begins to please catchability, given the fact that the pools of standing water, made by artificial means, warmed first, then early spring is the best time to start fishing (see video) .

As for the place, near the dam can be successfully catch a carp. The edge of aquatic plants and drop offs is dear to the fish, it is possible to bet when choosing a place for fishing. Experienced fishermen know that in the rushes, the lilies and under green trees bending over the surface of the pond also are good places for the fish to bite. Based on these observations, it is possible to hope for a good catch.

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