How to avoid the dangers from sea creatures are on vacation?

For anybody not a secret that summer vacation brings a lot of various positive emotions that may be encountered by everyone who comes to the beach. However, despite the fact that relaxing on the beach is an opportunity to polarinstitutt in the warm waves and bask under the solar rays, there are many other points that can in addition to various amenities and to bring a number of significant troubles.

Therefore, even during rest, should pay attention to the potential dangers and learn about how to cope with them in critical situations, including when trouble brought various sea inhabitants.

The first thing to do before the trip along with the usual charges, to prepare a first aid kit, which will have all the necessary medications in order to cope with various alterations that await us on the rest. This applies to various means to improve digestion, and antiseptics and other medicines, the receipt of which cannot be stopped or required to receive in case of serious health problems. In addition, you should look for information about what animals are a threat in the region, where You go on vacation, and in accordance with data found to acquire the necessary means.

As for the provision of first paasikiventie on vacation after contact with someone from inhabitants of the coastal zone, it all depends on who has had to face. However, as practice shows, most often along the coastline, you’ll encounter sea urchins, jellyfish and stingrays. Despite the fact that the sight of those representatives of the animal world do not pose a serious risk, but the consequences after meeting with the individual instances can be extremely serious.

So not the most enjoyable moment of pleasure will be to please the feet on a sea urchin, whose members are quite common, as on the Egyptian coast, and on the Greek coast. Sea urchins are outwardly more similar to the marine growth, but in some cases the creature can attack it closer to the object, using a sharp needle.

The cause of aggression may be a reaction to the flashing near the creatures of Your hand/leg or touching, and powerful water flow. As you can see there are many reasons, enough to suddenly get injured. As for the action, then after the attack it is important to not hesitate to wash the place of “contact” with hot water, and only after the affected area is thoroughly washed, eliminate the needle from the wound.

Following this, the damaged area should always be treated with antiseptic, and these can be either special medicines and banal spirits. Subsequently, it is necessary not only to monitor the condition of the wound, but also conducts the regular processing to an absolute healing. This is necessary in order to the damaged place of the inflammation and suppuration, and, when any complications need to seek medical advice.

Also dangerous to the health can be and certain species of coral, which for self-protection can release into the environment of poisonous liquid acting on living tissues are quite significant burns. If at the end of exploring a coral reef You discovered on the skin blisters, should undertake their treatment with a weak solution of vinegar and also treat these areas with the help of special medications. Thus, not only will You be able to neutralize the poison and avoiding the consequences as a more significant skin damage.

Another serious enemy of man on holiday, might be the inhabitants of a coral reef, like clams. Despite the fact that major weapons they have only one tooth, but even they can very much bite. In addition, at the time of the bite in human tissue are often released and toxins which provoke quite serious poisoning. So when you bite in the first place ought to apply a tourniquet or pressure bandage, and after a matter of urgency to consult the doctors.

In addition to all the above-mentioned marine inhabitants are of considerable danger and jellyfish. Despite the fact that the majority of them are completely safe, however, there are subtypes that can cause pretty serious damage.

These injuries may involve burns, which leave the poison contained in the tentacles, and neurotoxins, which can lead to death. When injuries occur, rinse the area of the burn is not becoming to water and weak solution of vinegar, definitely deleting all the tentacles.

In conclusion, I would like to say that with proper organization of rest and appropriate training to it, you can not only fully enjoy all its charms, but also to protect yourself from significant troubles that await every vacationer in an unfamiliar place.

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