In the Amazon, there are over 3000 different species of fish.

Many of them were relatively small and were subject to the desires of avid hobbyists.

Along with them in rivers in the Amazon there is a huge amount of big fish that are the traditional object of fishing by local inhabitants.

The most famous fish of the Amazon – the piranha.


Advertised not only by the accounts of travelers, but also horror films, this predatory fish is the epitome of vampirism.

Indeed, capable of piranhas for ten minutes to leave from a small mammal only a picked clean skeleton.

The merit belongs to the widespread popularity of the red piranha is a bloodthirsty predator the gregarious, reaching half a meter in size.

But in the Amazon there are more than twenty species of piranha, many of which are exclusively phytophagous species.

As the object of fishing, the piranha is quite popular.

This is primarily due to its known reputation as a predator, and any tourist pleased to add it to the list of trophies.

In addition, the process of catching this fish is simple and the difficulty lies only in the presence of the pack at this point in the river.

Elista available, the piranha takes any animal bait (pieces of meat, fish, etc.) or artificial bait (spinners, plugs, flies).

Attractive fishing piranhas and the end result of the process.

Soup of piranha (Amazon ear), local assurances, it is extremely useful to maintain male power.


On the second place in popularity (but not size) is the fish arapaima.

Want to know more about that than the unusual fishing arapaima.

Looks like, propagated and where you can meet the action of river or Boto HERE

Popularity it deserved because of its size.

According to natives, this large fish of the Amazon can reach four metres in length and over two tons of weight.

In our time, such individuals do not come across, but instances under six-foot one hundred pounds are not uncommon.

In habits this ancient fish, preserved almost from the time of the dinosaurs, reminiscent of our native catfish.

Rests on the bottom, prefers quiet areas without flow.

So on the Amazon arapaima is rare, and its main habitats are the numerous tributaries of the Amazon, especially in its upper reaches in Peru.

Of interest for trophy fishing of arapaima is not, as it is mined, salarpuria with a lance, when the fish floats to the surface.

Nowadays arapayma is produced mainly by the networks.

Where it much, it’s not sport fishing, and established fisheries for livelihood of local residents.

Because of the reddish border on the edge of the scales of arapaima received the second name – pirarucu (fish with red scales).

In the Amazon there are many species of fish, like catfish.

This piraiba, kashar, jau, pararara.

Like all catfish, they are caught on bottom tackle, using bait different baits or bait fish.

Like a cross between a catfish and perch red with a yellow stripe on the belly of perrara reaches fifty pounds of weight.

Jau, very similar to our catfish, comes across and weighing CWT.

Piraiba resembling the shape and characteristic dorsal fin of the sturgeon, grows up to five hundred pounds.


A special fish for spinningists in the Amazon will be the Dorado.

Brilliant yellow scales, as outlandish live gold ingot, this great predator is a worthy reward the angler.

Habits Dorado is similar to our ASP. The predator bursts into a flock of peaceful fish and commit the robbery.

Formed on the surface of the water “cauldron” serves as a target for throwing spinners.

As a rule, the bite of a big powerful fish should be almost immediately. But the result depends on the strength of the tackle.

Very often a thick mono or braid can not withstand the pressure, and Dorado remains in its native element.

Grow up to meter long fish is a worthy opponent for any spinning enthusiast.


Often the prey of the angler will be Paco fish, similar in appearance to the famous piranha, but differ in their teeth.

At Paco teeth very similar to human.

A number of broad and tightly fitted to one another – the full likeness of the human jaw.

Paco grows larger piranhas, and is also one meter.

Did you know that the Amazon originates in the Peruvian Andes.

HERE you will discover the secrets of the Indians who lived in Peru


Not to mention about Amazon bass Tucunare. Very similar in appearance to the native okunika.

With the same stripes across the torso and slightly unusual pale yellow color.

But the size of tucunare from our perch very different.

Private okonek on Amazon weighs fifteen pounds and in length to be about eighty centimeters.

Given that gregarious predatory habits of tucunare really very similar to perch, you can imagine what the fishing is obtained when suitable pack.


And at the surface of water go huge schools of fish that serves as the object of hunting for the predators.

This sábalo, also reaching respectable size. The fish was caught on all of our perch.

Bait: artificial fly, spinner, Wobbler.

Schooling competition leads to an immediate attack and bite.

A Paradise for anglers – it really is.

How to go fishing?

There is a fairly established industry of fishing tourism, common in the Amazon basin.

Tourists are placed in a virgin jungle, but combining with the capabilities to use the benefits of civilization.

Available tour companies have hotels-Hacienda-hotels-ships, hotels-the village (stylized native settlement).

And just hotels – all with a familiar set of services and the opportunity to explore the Amazon, on the banks of which these hotels are.

And if the benevolent fate will provide an opportunity to be in this Paradise of the angler, do not forget that:

the main object of trophy fishing in the Amazon – predators;

the size of local fish be obliged to use very strong tackle;

the main lures are the spinners, plugs, flies;

fans of fly fishing can use your gear in the waters of the Amazon.

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