Jig-bait for fishing predator

So, shads. This type of jig baits I prefer for catching of a predator in the fall. All the shads, by their behavior in water at the time of posting, can be divided into two groups – those that have their own active games and those that their own active play have not. These groups of lures in the literature have their own names. Baits with active own game, producing at the time of posting powerful vibration refers to the group – Action Shads. and bait, not having a clearly defined game under water, called – No Action Shads. A legitimate question arises – what are the best types of lures can catch the predator, to “active” or “passive”.

The answer is – it depends on the state in which today is a predatory fish, and the fish depends on different factors from water temperature, atmospheric pressure, etc Therefore, going fishing, I take lures of both types, and by experimenting, find the most suitable for today’s fishing. But, if you generalize and simplify the issue, we can recommend a rough rule – the more today predator, especially since it is located to the lures with active own game, and Vice versa. And yet, the colder the water in the pond, the less likely the bait will prefer predatory fish.Here pike is almost always better responds to the shads with the active game. As for the size of baits. I noticed that by the fall of the game is to large models. I think it is because by the autumn the young of forage fish is growing and is significantly larger lures look much more natural, without causing unnecessary doubt a pike or walleye. I often prefer to fish for pike in this period, so I use the shads with a length of 15 cm, providing them with additional tee – it largely increases the chances of catching pike, reducing the number of false cuttings.

If the length of the lure exceeds 18 cm, then it makes sense to put two additional tee. Just a couple of words about the color of lures. I noticed that with the onset of autumn, the preference of the predator by the color of the baits did not significantly change. That is, lure what color were my favorites on this pond in spring and summer, these are still promising and autumn. Except that, the closer to winter and cold weather, the more vivid the colors become popular among predatory fish. In cold water, in my experience, quite efficient lure with pink shades. Now, about the weight of the jig head. The weight of the load I pick up on this rule – cargo-head should be the lightest acceptable, according to the fishing conditions. It is clear that, the greater the depth of a fishery, and the faster flow in this place, the harder you need to use a jig-head. Do not forget that fall, the predator stays mostly in the deep places, near the bottom. And, another rule – to baits groups with active game choose more heavy weight than to lures that have no active games.

Methods of wiring jig lures

In the catching of a predator in the fall I mostly use two or three way transaction. The first method is more calm and uniform. In this posting I keep the rod almost parallel to the water surface. The animation of the lure is performed only by means of the coil. Two or three more sharp turns of the coil cause the lure to rise over the General level of posting, then should be more calm and uniform course of the lure touching the bottom.

Another, more active way of wiring jig I already perform by means of the rod. Start the transaction, after touching a bottom bait, lift the rod. During lowering of the rod in a horizontal position podmetina sagging line. The challenge is not to lose contact with the bait, keep the line vnatyag. Changing the height of the rod and the speed of reeling, picking the most attractive for the predator method of wiring vibrohvosta. Sometimes a good result at autumn catching of predatory fish, I made a totally simple way of wiring. The main thing is that the bottom in the place of catching was clean enough. After casting my bait completely fall to the bottom. After starting slow, uniform motion of the lure, only rotation of the coil. The bait in this time dragging along the bottom, or, literally, a few millimeters from the bottom. For a while suspend the transaction, letting the bait lie on the bottom, and start moving again. This is simple wiring can sometimes do wonder to force the predator to attack. And, in General, I advise not to be afraid to experiment with a variety of Postings, and find your individual style and unique “handwriting”. Perhaps your wiring option would be the most effective, at least in conditions of your pond.

Well, in the end, as always, a request to the readers – write your opinion or additions to the material in the comments. I am sure that among our guests there are fishermen with a huge baggage of practical knowledge, with his experience to catch a predator, with their intricacies and secrets of fishing. Why not use the excellent opportunity to exchange experience, in my opinion the benefits to all are obvious.

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