The most dangerous marine life of the red sea.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations among tourists. The majority of tourists come to Egypt for the red sea, which is home to many fish. Red sea, like any tropical sea, is fraught with danger. So you need to be cautious, as it is home to many carnivorous and poisonous fish. Swimming in the Red sea, pay attention to the color of the fish. The brighter their color, the more poisonous they are. Such fish cannot be caught by hand. Firstly, do not swim far from the shore. Secondly, it is not recommended to swim in the open sea. Note that in the Red sea you can not swim at night. If you are somewhere cuts, it does not need to go into the water. Of course, if the Red sea was so dangerous, it is unlikely that you would pay someone bathed. Below is listed a list of the most dangerous representatives of the red sea.

The most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea:

The shark is the most dangerous predator of the red sea. In this sea there are the 30 species of sharks. The most dangerous species of sharks can be attributed to tiger and oceanic whitetip, which can attack people. If you believe the information in 1991 in the red sea saw a great white shark, which is considered the largest and most dangerous in the world. Of course, this information may be false. In Egypt kazdego rest millions of tourists from different countries. And attacks the unit. We all remember 2010, when sharks attacked at once on 4-of tourists? But according to Egyptian authorities, the shark was caught and killed. Why sharks attacked tourists? Continue reading

In the Amazon, there are over 3000 different species of fish.

Many of them were relatively small and were subject to the desires of avid hobbyists.

Along with them in rivers in the Amazon there is a huge amount of big fish that are the traditional object of fishing by local inhabitants.

The most famous fish of the Amazon – the piranha.


Advertised not only by the accounts of travelers, but also horror films, this predatory fish is the epitome of vampirism.

Indeed, capable of piranhas for ten minutes to leave from a small mammal only a picked clean skeleton.

The merit belongs to the widespread popularity of the red piranha is a bloodthirsty predator the gregarious, reaching half a meter in size.

But in the Amazon there are more than twenty species of piranha, many of which are exclusively phytophagous species.

As the object of fishing, the piranha is quite popular. Continue reading

Commercial fish.

Fishing is one of the oldest forms of economic activity of people. Fish for a man — a very valuable source of food (animal proteins and fats), which are easier to digest than vegetable.

Industrial fishing is carried out in the seas, oceans, large rivers, lakes. Fish are grown in specially constructed ponds. Basic ocean space, where year-round fishing, is a subtropical and tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans. These areas of the oceans do not freeze. In areas close to the North pole, the water is cooled, and the Arctic ocean has a permanent ice cover.

Anyone caught in the oceans? Oceanic herring (Atlantic, Pacific), herring, sardine iwashi. These herring are distinguished easily detached scales and gregarious way of life.

In Northern waters catching cod, haddock, saffron cod. These trnkobrani (Fig. 127) can be recognized by the barbels on the chin and three unpaired fins on the back. These fish have long and traditionally fished and loved in Russia.

Fig. 127. Representatives trnkobrani: 1 – cod; 2 – burbot

In the ocean catch and other fish, all familiar names: ocean perch, Alaska Pollock, Grenadier, hake, flounder. Fisheries in the oceans is, as a rule,in places close to the coast, at a depth of 400-500 m. This region of the shelf — coastal ocean shallows at the threshold of transition to greater depths. Here collects a lot of fish. To fish from such depths is designed and gear. In the oceans and seas, fish are caught using trawls, fyke-nets. In our country fish catch in inland seas. For example, small Caspian sprat catches in the Black, Continue reading

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