Fishing on the pond

Fishing on a pond What is a pond? This reservoir, which was created for human needs and has over a million cubic meters of water. In addition to irrigation, sanitary or office purposes, the pond, of course, and is intended to dissolve in it the fish. Fishermen who had not spent many hours on the dock, dangling her feet in the water of the pond and intently watching the float? This feeling of comfort is just indescribable. I have the feeling that fishing has never been so peaceful…

But if one manages to catch fishes, a weekend or vacation day can accurately be called the past for a reason.

Fishing on the pond

Fishing on a pond to fish pond is very simple. Don’t need expensive tackle and bait fine. It is the simplicity and availability of this captivating fishing of many anglers. But, in the opinion of those who firmly engaged in fishing in such a place, hooks and fishing line are the most important gear in order to fish at this pond as a pond.

To ensure a decent catch, it is important to lure the fish, but we should not forget that the busting bait just as bad as the lack of food. If possible, it is best to find out how long ago this pond fished by other anglers. If in one day all getting the feed into the pond, fed the fish just will not go on the hook, ignoring any bait. Continue reading

Description of aquarium fish.

Goldfish belong to the subspecies of silver carp. At the moment their showing a lot of species.

The fins and their bodies are mostly Golden-red color, the abdomen a little lighter than the body. There are also red, pale pink, white, fiery red, black, yellow, dark bronze, black and blue, and other types of colors in these fish.

There are two main varieties of goldfish, characterized by the shape of the body: the long-bodied (shubunkin, comets) and Korotkaya (telescopes, the veiltail).

In decorative ponds. goldfish can grow up to 35 cm (not including tail), and in the aquarium their size usually does not exceed 15 cm.

Gorodomlya live fifteen years, they are very agile, swimming in flocks. Corecctly but some fishes require a separate content in aquariums. For example, telescopes because of its slowness can remain without food. The long-bodied can live up to forty years. But reproductive ability they have lost to eight years.

Features of the care of goldfish.

For goldfish it is recommended to buy a spacious aquarium. Continue reading

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