We built a pond

Very interesting fish from the viewpoint of the co-operative ponds is vjun . unpretentious to the environment. Their movements and body shape he looks like a snake. In contrast to the char – 10 of antennae around the mouth. Along the body is crossed by three black bands.

Another type of food for predators – Shipovka . It is also undemanding to the conditions of life, it feeds on small benthic organisms. Food for other fish is the stickleback three-and ninespined.

Especially useful for home pond in which there live predators, the species . It demands for itself only the conditions in the pond should live seashells – perlovitsy, bezzubki. With their help, he multiplies.

In the pond you can grow gobies and ruffe . But these fish are competitors of valuable fish, for also eat fry and eggs.

But back to the fish fishing. Good species can be chukuchanovye: largemouth, Smallmouth and black Buffalo . which is not very demanding in terms of habitat and nutrition.

Of the carp family fishes for installation in a suitable pond carp, Amur, white, black, Chub. Of course, they need to provide acceptable conditions for living. No doubt breeding in ponds and other water bodies other cyprinid fish such as silver bream, Dace, crucian carp, Rudd, bream, tench, roach. And nase, vimba,Zope, roach, barbel, IDE . Continue reading

Live bait for predatory fish fishing!

To catch predatory fish . it must somehow draw. For this the hook should fit the smaller fish, called bait fish . It can be ruff, gudgeon, verhovka, bleak, etc. For catfish and big pike might need a bigger bait fish (silver bream, roach, Zope). Mainly predatory fish of any size actively feeds on small fish ( optimal length 7 – 9 cm ). Perch, Zander, Chub, Bursch likes of liars: verhovka, bleak, loach, these bodies of water, bull. And only for the soma shape and size of bait does not matter. For the production of live bait can be used rod or melanocyte. Liars are preserved better in a box covered with a grid with a small cell that is in the water in a shaded place.

Before the fishing of the bait fish are selected and transferred to Cana ( special containers). They zhivtsov transported to the place of fishing. Kanu with the bait fish should be kept in the shade to prevent overheating. If the fish begin to float to the surface and grab a breath, so water needs to be replaced. Kanu for cooling can be covered with a wet cloth. During transportation in the winter the bottle with bait fish is necessary to insulate by wrapping them outside fabric and paper.

Not all liars are equally tenacious. Verhovazhye fish do not differ special durability, demand and quality water of sufficient oxygen content in it. More hardy goldfish and bottom fish. They are well stored and transported. Therefore,choosing live bait, you should consider: in what way, in what conditions and when will be fishing.

Bottom of bait fish are used only when catching predatory fish in polody or at the site of the reservoir, where there is a clean bottom. Continue reading

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