Dangerous terrestrial animals of Crimea

Pasture mites ate

As soon as come the first warm days, I want to take a backpack and go Hiking. But do not forget that in the mountains and on the plains of the Crimea you lie not so friendly owners of the Crimean forests and steppes

In Crimean forest there are no large predators. In the steppe part of the Crimea from the Kherson region in recent years began to penetrate the wolves . however, in the interior of the Peninsula they, as a rule, do not enter. But tiny “enemies” on the Crimean Peninsula a lot, including various species of mites . The most “formidable” is the dog tick in size from 2.5 cm (male) to 4.5 m (hungry female). Having drunk the blood of the female swells to almost 10 cm.

The Crimean Scorpion

In Crimea occurs Ixodes tick that is a carrier of very dangerous for health and life of the disease – encephalitis. Encephalitis causes damage to the nervous system, paralysis, and sometimes death. Yes and in the steppes of a lot of ticks, which carry a dozen not fatal, but quite unpleasant diseases. Mites in the Crimea are particularly active in may – June. Continue reading

How to make a pond for fish

Today, rural life has become more comfortable and enjoyable, and increasingly instead of slender beds of potatoes, carrots and tomatoes on the site there are various facilities for a pleasant stay. One of the fascinating and practical practice is the cultivation of fish in ponds. And if you are also thinking about how to make a pond for fish with your hands, you should learn the basic ways of realization of this idea.

The basic rules

In order to properly make a pond for fish farming, you must consider some tips:

• Be aware that for small-sized reservoirs need serious care, and the facility is very large ponds is quite expensive. Therefore, the optimal size of the reservoir for fish are considered the parameters within 25-50 sqm

• To create a pond for fish suitable outdoor area, so that during the day part of him was illuminated, and the second in the shade. Do not place the pond in low-lying parts of the site, otherwise avoid its flooding.

• The topography of the pond for the fish should be a complex of alternating shallow and deep sections with ledges and rapids, built at different depths. Continue reading

Shark – dangerous sea creatures

Shark is a marine predator, which has animal instincts, and we can’t predict a shark will attack or not.

Bearded shark

Bearded shark in camouflage, Indonesia, Indian ocean. However, it is easily recognized by the beard, which frames the head. These outgrowths attach to the shark very funny. Its flattened body is grayish or yellowish brown with large light spots. This allows the shark is easily distinguished from the surrounding sandy seabed and corals. She swims at a small depth , among coral reefs.

The shark has an average size – about 1-1. 5 meters. Although some specimens can reach 3-4 meters, but this happens very rarely. Besides fish, bearded sharks eat invertebrates that live on the bottom.

The degree of hazard to humans: medium.

For man bearded shark is not dangerous, it is important not to anger. But if to dismiss his hands, carrying her by the tail and poking, painful bite is guaranteed.

Bull shark or bull shark

Bull shark, the Pacific ocean. Continue reading

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