Popular marine fish.

Fish kusovky. Another amazing marine aquarium fish is a pound, real aquarium armadillos.

These unusual inhabitants of the aquariums that they are as if bound in bone armor. Their body resembles a box with several, sometimes with three, four, and even five faces, in this case, it is perfectly still. Fish very slow, only faintly move the tip of the tail. Among the fans of marine aquariums particularly common this kind of as fish horned hare. This fish adheres to a very rocky coastal places. In food animals consume small crustaceans and algae. Horned hare in length and not exceed 18 inches. Has a four-sided shell. Directly above the large eyes protrude long spikes that look like horns. Dried Kuzovkov even used as decoration because of their exotic appearance. The horned hare no threat, because its flesh is poisonous. Despite this, it is better not to place this fish in one aquarium with aggressive fighting for food fish species. Because in this case too slow hare will starve.

This is one of the most colorful marine aquarium fish, savadatti. mostly experienced aquarists. The reason is the high sensitivity to the quality of the water and a great intelligibility in the diet. But, the nature of these fish is far from angelic, even a large fight among themselves. It is desirable in an aquarium to contain an angel. Has the advantage of angel is no threat to the marine aquarium. Much more vitality has breed fish dwarf angels, with a length of 12 inches. In food plants and small organisms, food must be strictly balanced. Continue reading

How to make a pond for fish

Today, rural life has become more comfortable and enjoyable, and increasingly instead of slender beds of potatoes, carrots and tomatoes on the site there are various facilities for a pleasant stay. One of the fascinating and practical practice is the cultivation of fish in ponds. And if you are also thinking about how to make a pond for fish with your hands, you should learn the basic ways of realization of this idea.

The basic rules

In order to properly make a pond for fish farming, you must consider some tips:

• Be aware that for small-sized reservoirs need serious care, and the facility is very large ponds is quite expensive. Therefore, the optimal size of the reservoir for fish are considered the parameters within 25-50 sqm

• To create a pond for fish suitable outdoor area, so that during the day part of him was illuminated, and the second in the shade. Do not place the pond in low-lying parts of the site, otherwise avoid its flooding.

• The topography of the pond for the fish should be a complex of alternating shallow and deep sections with ledges and rapids, built at different depths. Continue reading

Description of aquarium fish.

Goldfish belong to the subspecies of silver carp. At the moment their showing a lot of species.

The fins and their bodies are mostly Golden-red color, the abdomen a little lighter than the body. There are also red, pale pink, white, fiery red, black, yellow, dark bronze, black and blue, and other types of colors in these fish.

There are two main varieties of goldfish, characterized by the shape of the body: the long-bodied (shubunkin, comets) and Korotkaya (telescopes, the veiltail).

In decorative ponds. goldfish can grow up to 35 cm (not including tail), and in the aquarium their size usually does not exceed 15 cm.

Gorodomlya live fifteen years, they are very agile, swimming in flocks. Corecctly but some fishes require a separate content in aquariums. For example, telescopes because of its slowness can remain without food. The long-bodied can live up to forty years. But reproductive ability they have lost to eight years.

Features of the care of goldfish.

For goldfish it is recommended to buy a spacious aquarium. Continue reading

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