Fish farming in the country.

Spring – the most that eat a suitable for the event time. If done on time, and not let things drift, then by August it will be possible early morning or in the evening to spend at their own pleasure time sitting with a fishing rod on the shore of the reservoir . And to catch a couple of fish to the table is not difficult. So, how to make a mini fish pond in the suburban area .

We decided to talk about the breeding of carp and crucian carp . Why these fish . the question arises. Yes, the fact that they are unpretentious and have qualities, just suitable for a multiplicity of shallow artificial water bodies country. These “tanks” are often poorly flowing or even stagnant and warm in the summer we need to average temperature at +25°C.

So, the optimal size of a pond will be approximately 4 to 6 m in width, and from 0.8 m to 1.5 m in depth. This artificial pond will be enough to accommodate for life 2-3 dozen crucians and carp weighing up to 300 g. we Must remember that in the heat of summer the water level can drop, which in turn would reduce the number of fish composition.

If you notice that the fish rose to the surface of the pond, and catches a mouth air, it is a signal that the fish closely, and it lacks of oxygen dissolved in the water. The process of relocation of fish from one water body to another was painless for the fish, and they survived without poteria population, it is necessary to pay attention to the observance of a temperature mode in this case. Continue reading

Dolphins of the sea of Azov

The United Nations is concerned about the high mortality of dolphins in the Black and Azov seas and intends to draw attention to the protection of the mammals that are on the brink of extinction. Therefore, 2007 was declared the year of the dolphins.

In the natural world none is more mysterious creature than a Dolphin. The ancient Greek myths has preserved the story of how these inhabitants of the sea have saved the Orpheus. But perhaps little real evidence of the miraculous rescuing person from the sea depths of these noble, do not dare to say, animals?

On the basis of experiments, scientists have concluded that intelligent action is the closest to humans are dolphins. They are faster than other animals to train. Dolphin “language” includes 110 audio expressions. It is a kind of a grunt. hissing, whistling, buzzing, squeaking, rolling in the ultrasonic range.

Dolphins, like other cetaceans, is equipped with sonar that allows to navigate in the water column, to avoid underwater obstacles and locate prey. Precision locators dolphins is that they are at a distance of 25 meters distinguish the bullet that had fallen into the water. However, the biological locators sometimes fail, especially in a storm when the water is polluted with sand and silt, saturated with air bubbles. This can lead to disorientation and death. In addition, delpinova sonars can detect Gill nets, made of nylon, getting to them, animals perish. Continue reading

Dangerous inhabitants of the Black sea

Sea of the Pacific ocean. The waters of the sea of Okhotsk. The strategic importance of the Black sea. Closed in the shores of a large natural pond. The largest lake in Europe. The largest river of the East European plain. Caspian lake is the largest in the world.

Key features of the Black sea: the salinity of the water, the annual course of temperature, depth. The concept of the geological history of the Black sea, the vertical temperature distribution in the Black sea. The proliferation of different departments of tertiary sediments on the coasts.

Geographical position and features of the structure of the Black world. Average monthly temperatures in the Black sea at the surface. Two layers of water with different physical properties, their distinctive features. Causes of hydrogen sulfide in the depths of the sea.

The main geographical features of the Caspian sea: hydrological characteristics, hydrochemical conditions, seismic situation. Economic use of marine resources. The need for urgent measures to improve the environmental situation.

Geographical and Maritime characteristics of the Atlantic ocean, its role in modern international cargo and passenger transportation. The influence of Atlantic water on the flora and fauna of the Northern seas. Characteristics of the main Straits of the Atlantic ocean. Continue reading

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Stocking of reservoirs.
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