Marine fish, aquarium fish

Basic types – fish-clowns, chromis, dustily, chrysiptera. These are quite small but very brightly colored aquarium ribk and they are quite popular primarily due to its unusual behavior. Some feed on algae, others exclusively on plankton, but the majority consists of worms, crustaceans and echinoderms etc. Pomacentridae fish are extremely mobile and active behavior, but also a pronounced territorial behavior. Some species are very aggressive, so care about a rather large aquarium, and there are shelters.


Ideal marine fish for the reef aquarium (in nature sobachkoy live close to shore on reefs and rocky shores) that are “kept under control” green algae. These slightly squat with low-mounted mouth fish mushrooms for food and algae fouling. The most interesting view Sobakevich fish false fish-surgeons or surgeons mimics Aspidontus taeniatus, mimics these surgeons as colour and manner of swimming. Sobachkoy fish species the necessary rock with lots of crevices and recesses.


This kind of aquarium fish, found only in the Atlantic ocean, inhabited by obyazatelnogo between branches of corals and in rock crevices on reefs, near the asylum. In this case, g is almost perfectly suited for keeping in aquariums.


These fish will not mix with anyone: surgeons on both sides of the caudal peduncle has a scalpel-like bony outgrowths. Usually in nature the surgeons live on flat surfaces in pairs or in groups on the flat surfaces of the reefs. These marine fish prefer vegetable food, and eat algae and fouling, and aquarium for their content needs to be spacious enough. Many of these species are aggressive toward members of its own kind, so it is recommended to keep them singly.

Fish – dogs, balls


Small aquarium fish with stunning coloration perfectly designed for saltwater tanks. In General, pseudochromis can easily tolerate the content in captivity, although some species may require special care and create inconvenience to other inhabitants of his cocky character. In nature these fish live in the coral branches and rock crevices, but always near their shelter. Some pseudochromis requires the use of many “living stones” to find food – small crustaceans, worms, etc. the Rest are omnivores, but if you keep multiple instances of the same kind, take care of a large aquarium, otherwise the fish will become aggressive.


Most importantly, all of these fish are poisonous! However, many species (e.g., stonefish) is almost “merge” with the bottom landscape. Scorbanova often hide on the bottom, and grab the unwary marine fish suction movement almost instantly widening mouth. The aquarium, which decided to include scorpaenidae fish (most popular lionfish) should be quite extensive, with pebbly bottom, to have a lot of hiding places and the ability to hide.


Members of this family are quite numerous and usually are nocturnal. Epulonova fish prefer calm during and in the aquarium to provide shelter for them. Much better feel, if you contain them in small flocks. Some species are able to breed in aquariums.


Butterfly fish

One of the most colorful marine aquarium fish, but, unfortunately, these species are extremely sensitive to water quality. Another difficulty in the content – butterfly fish are very specialized according to the type of food. In aquariums it is better to feed a variety of live and frozen foods. Many butterfly fish is able to eat invertebrates, so are not recommended for the content in the reef aquarium.


Also, like butterflies, are considered the most beautiful marine fish. Cons – all the same problems with feed and water quality. Territorial, so large specimens of angelfish will fight with each other and keep them better singly. Young growth often has a completely different tone than the adult angels. Is to provide and dwarf angelfish, the maximum length is 12 cm, but the indisputable advantage of which is the best viability.



A large and widespread group of fishes characterized by a very active behaviour – it is due to this wrasses for many years remain one of the most popular marine aquarium fish. In this case, quite unpretentious in the content, so Gubanov is to recommend to novice aquarists. It is worth considering that many species are territorial and can be aggressive to other canines. In case of danger can wrasses burrow into the sand.

The triggerfish

So named for something that can capture the first ray of its dorsal fin and anchored through the stones and rocks. Possess large teeth and a quarrelsome nature. In the wild they can eat sea urchins, stars, molluscs, crustaceans and corals, so the content of triggerfish in the same aquarium with invertebrates is absolutely contraindicated. In this case, fairly undemanding and are suitable for beginner aquarists.

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