Marriage and the Law; a Man and a Woman

Hey did you get flipped off on the freeway today? No worries simply hit the Internet forums and Blogs and go try to discuss gay marriage issues with the gay and lesbian communities wild and crazy Internet fringe. I tried it and you know what happened? I was lambasted by a barrage of Internet verbal gunfire, when I said that the gay and lesbian community would have a much easier time if the gay fringe were not “in your face” about this issue so much.

You see I merely point out that there is amongst the gay community a fringe, which has been damaged and currently is using unlawful means, threats and other coercive behavior to promote their agenda and in the future violence and shootings could erupt no doubt. Since I have pointed this out, with examples it seems that various gay and lesbian activists under screen names of Jen, Tim, Patrick, Two daddies, etc, seem to think I have the problem? No problems, I am pointing out observations and actual events, while those listed merely are using psycho-babble, labels and name calling?

If the homosexual marriage movement does not address this fringe of theirs, the ones who will go to any length to make a point, then the movement will not achieve its goals. After listing to these verbal BS attacks it is obvious that the gay community does not deserve to be heard and gay marriage should not be rewarded for rioting, protesting, violence, usurping the law or threats. It appears to me that maybe the Christians could be right about this issue. No gay marriage should be allowed. We must all of us stop gay marriage completely and not reward this behavior, name calling or law breaking. Consider this in 2006.