Pond fish

Recently we were at the dacha longtime friend of the family Valeria. Celebrating the birthday of: food, guests, fun – all of the people. But most of all I remember this cottage is a small pond in the pond are blooming white lilies, floating fish, as it turned out a very smart fish. Ring the bell – sail, stick the muzzle out of the water, open their mouths, asking for food. As said Valery – this is a common goldfish, which many are kept at home in aquariums.

The relatives of the goldfish goes regular carp. Less thoroughbred aquarium species even look different maybe color, and crucian carp. For the maintenance in a pond and these work best: the more the appearance of fish close to the natural form, the fish is more tenacious and strong. Most often such breeds as the comet and shubunkin – with an elongated body shape, without bulging eyes, but with bright spots on the body. These fish are perfectly at home in cool water and faster will be able to sail away in case of danger.

In recent years, also the common inhabitants of suburban ponds become Japanese colorful koi, they are sometimes confused with Golden. To distinguish from young crucian carp is very simple, Karpov on the muzzle have short antennae. When buying keep in mind that these large fish can live far from each pond. And often, their successful content requires considerable physical and monetary investment.

First, carp, require much larger volumes, as in horoshilovym this fish can attain a fairly large size. With proper care they can grow up to a meter in length and weighing several dozens of kilograms. The cost of large pedigree copies at the fish auctions is thousands of dollars. Quality koi can cost as much as a thoroughbred stallion. The carp pond should have a depth not less than 2 meters and, of course, spacious, with a powerful filter, because large fish quickly stain and muddy the waters. Of course, that Karpov will not fit ponds from ready-made plastic molds – they are too small.

Interesting: a British firm selling imported koi carp biggest carp that have ever left Japan. Firm rainbow Koi (Rainbow Koi) in Wiltshire received from the Japanese breeder big carp, nicknamed Big girl (Big Girl). Its size is 120 cm and weighs 41 kg. the transaction Amount was not disclosed.

Secondly, in conjunction with koi is almost impossible to contain aquatic plants. Fish actively digging, biting and destroying all of the greenery. So if you want to enjoy delicate the flowers are nymphs in the pond, then think twice whether not to take less voracious goldfish.

Thirdly, there may be difficulties with winter. And if the common goldfish you will easily be able to pick up for the winter in a home aquarium, even a 25-cm carp should be placed in a very spacious aquarium with constantly filtered and aerated water. Or after each season to put a fish in your ear – it’s certainly more humane than to let her die of suffocation under a thick layer of ice. Some goldfish, the goldfish can survive the winter and under the ice, but the pond should be equipped with the wintering pit, where the water temperature does not drop below +4, and for wintering Karpov is still required and ice-free polynya.

But, no matter what fish you choose for your pond – with proper care they will bring you a lot of fun, swimming in the clear water and shimmering bright colors: red lights, Golden glare, steel or even blue-black spots are real gems. For such a diverse plumage residents of the East for two millennia adore these fish, and whole villages devote their life to them, bringing new colors and breeds. In Japan colorful fish is highly respected, has long been revered as a symbol of courage, bravery and courage and love and happiness.

The many kinds of feed for pond fish: koi and goldfish. Feed have different particle size, shape and buoyancy. Select size of granules is necessary in accordance with the size and form of your fish. For example, the feed composition “Gran – Koi” Zoomers contrast to the standard formulations of granular feeds are small aquatic organisms, which under normal natural conditions are natural for fish food daily. While various particle size allows you to feed at the same time, as more large and small animals.

It is not difficult to accustom the fish to come to feed at certain times or on special signal – bell rings, clapping hands, whistling. Communication with trained fish will bring many moments of joy to you and your family. Large fish you can feed directly with hands, smaller – throw food in the water. Make sure that fish ate the whole batch in 5-10 minutes, so as not eaten food can spoil the water. It is better to feed slightly less, because in open water there are various definitely the larvae – great live food for your fish. As a treat offer fish pieces cooked shrimp or squid.

Keep in mind that koi and goldfish are omnivorous creatures, and that they will have sufficient amount of vitamins and less spoil aquatic plants in fish diet, you need to add plant fertilizer. It can be scalded lettuce, dandelion, nettle, or even slices of watermelon and oranges!

In the evening pond filled with spanking and sucking sounds – this carp went out hunting that night. Listen – sounds fascinating fish better than any music.

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