Popular marine fish.

Fish kusovky. Another amazing marine aquarium fish is a pound, real aquarium armadillos.

These unusual inhabitants of the aquariums that they are as if bound in bone armor. Their body resembles a box with several, sometimes with three, four, and even five faces, in this case, it is perfectly still. Fish very slow, only faintly move the tip of the tail. Among the fans of marine aquariums particularly common this kind of as fish horned hare. This fish adheres to a very rocky coastal places. In food animals consume small crustaceans and algae. Horned hare in length and not exceed 18 inches. Has a four-sided shell. Directly above the large eyes protrude long spikes that look like horns. Dried Kuzovkov even used as decoration because of their exotic appearance. The horned hare no threat, because its flesh is poisonous. Despite this, it is better not to place this fish in one aquarium with aggressive fighting for food fish species. Because in this case too slow hare will starve.

This is one of the most colorful marine aquarium fish, savadatti. mostly experienced aquarists. The reason is the high sensitivity to the quality of the water and a great intelligibility in the diet. But, the nature of these fish is far from angelic, even a large fight among themselves. It is desirable in an aquarium to contain an angel. Has the advantage of angel is no threat to the marine aquarium. Much more vitality has breed fish dwarf angels, with a length of 12 inches. In food plants and small organisms, food must be strictly balanced.

One of the most unpretentious fish angels is zentropy, he is a universal favorite. These fish come in a wide variety of colors and shades. And blue violet with Golden shimmer, and red, among them is fiery. Fish are very smart, most often bright orange with black stripes. Its length reaches up to 10 cm.

Popularity among aquarists it acquired thanks to its exceptional endurance and amazing adaptation in captivity. Prefer clean clear water, in nature, lives near the shelter. Home to a small harem groups. Food prefers to eat crustaceans and algae.


These fish are extremely suitable for beginners. In size they are small, and color have all colors of the rainbow. Moreover, have a tremendous adaptation for keeping them in captivity. In natural conditions live in rock crevices and branching corals, not far away from their shelter. In the aquarium to supply some pseudochromis need a lot of loose rocks, where they find worms, small crustaceans. If in your home aquarium You’re going to have multiple instances, we need to take care of a large aquarium, and in the absence of predators.

Lionfish, and wrasses.

This sea fish for lovers of the extreme, as they are poisonous representatives of the family Scorpaenidae. Favorites of aquarists are very beautiful lionfish is a Zebra lionfish and a warrior. They have numerous spines of a fin that resemble these elegant feathers. Simply this fish is called marine bristle brush. She is a true predator that hides on the bottom and a suction movement instantly grabs the most unwary fish. These fish require a spacious aquarium. The bottom should be gravel. Created a lot of shelters. In the same aquarium peacefully with Scorpionii can exist only kuzuki, angels and groupers. Feed the lionfish are live small fish, gradually it can be translated to shrimp.

But the real joy of the novice aquarist will fish family of wrasses. This fish is active, attractive and require minimal maintenance. And in case of danger, they buried in the sand. Due to its gentle nature, Pisces get along great with most of the inhabitants of the aquarium. In extreme cases, can become food for the lionfish. Choose wrasses feed on mollusks and other invertebrates.

Spironol and fish the Fox.

The most unaccomodating character has a family Spironolac. Its name they got for the ability to gain a foothold in the crevices of the rocks and the rocks with his dorsal fin. These fish feed on sea urchins, clams, stars, corals and crustaceans. That’s why not contain them in an aquarium with invertebrates.

The brilliant creation of marine aquarium fish the Fox. Belongs to the Fish family. In the aquarium in length up to 15 cm ornate fish bright yellow color, white head. Has a sharp and venomous fins, so it cannot be taken by hand. But other than that, not dangerous. And overall this is a cute and peaceful fish. Very sensitive to water quality, so that even darkens if you feel unwell. When you improvement immediately regains its color. Fish has a wonderful talent for survival, and therefore recommended for novice aquarists. Be kept in an aquarium it can singly or in pairs. Fish the Fox is a peaceful herbivorous neighbors. In the aquarium, prefers to eat algae, frozen foods, can sometimes take an interest in crustaceans. She needs lots of space for swimming and a large number of reefs.

Fish tangerine.

Generally referred to as Mandarin is the most striking species of this family. They are small, only 6cm, very bright and colorful. These fish are very popular in marine aquariums. Their other name psychedelic fish. They are the most accommodating view of aquarium fish. You cannot put these beautiful fish along with the lionfish and groupers, as they can easily become prey to predators. Mandarin fish dwell on the bottom, feeding on invertebrates, so in the aquarium is sometimes necessary first to breed krill, then launch Mandarin.

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