Sea and their inhabitants

Mediterranean sea. Diving . at the bottom of the sea lay the wrecks and grow entire coral Islands pale green, bright red and purple flowers. Amidst this splendor, you can find a huge amount of marine life, from small colourful barbs to the weird octopus and large turtles.

Dangerous inhabitants . these waters were chosen sharks, including the most unfriendly white. To the beaches they don’t come close, but, nevertheless, it is necessary to observe safety measures: do not swim far from shore in the open sea to stay away from schools of fish. Sometimes swim to the shore barracudas — foot-tall toothy fish greenish color. But, as a rule, people they only attack in murky or dark water, where moving the swimmer to perceive for floating fish.

Fishing . possible trophies — mullet, sea minnow, rock bass, tuna, sargus, Barracuda. Temperature: in summer +20-22°C in winter to +16-18°C.

Purity . the water is so clear you can see rocks and big fishes at the depth of 30-40 meters. The clean sea off the coast of Greece and Crete.

The composition of the water . the salt concentration is 36-39%. The unique composition of minerals, salts and iodine is ideal for thalassotherapy treatments. But immediately after bathing, it is recommended to take a shower.

Going on vacation, do not forget to take a taxi to the airport inexpensive. So you are not late for the plane, which oneselves on a warm clear sea.

Diving . stunning underwater world is the main advantage of this sea. To admire them, not necessarily to be able to swim with the aqualung. Swarms of colorful tropical fish and gardens of coral reefs can be seen just off the coast. But at greater depths, floating green turtle, fancy Napoleon fish, resembling the headdress of the French Emperor, colorful clown fish, the Sultan and thousands of others. Dangerous inhabitants . the main predators — sharks (white, silk, leopard, hammerhead, and grey reef belobrovskaya), to seriously worry about meeting them in need only those who rest on the coast of Sudan. The Barracuda and Moray eels can also bring trouble. The fins of multi-colored tropical fish are sometimes poisonous, therefore, to admire them better from a distance.

Fishing . possible trophies — yellow tuna, blue and black gauze sail fish, the hammerhead shark, Dorado and Barracuda.

Temperature . summer +26-34°C my — +20-22°C. Purity: the water here is very clear visibility up to 50 meters.

The composition of the water . 01 concentration of 38-42%. Close to mineral and well restores the immune system and calms the nerves perfectly. After bathing it is advisable to take a shower.

Caribbean sea

Diving . among the most interesting places are the vertically oriented corals and caves that you can dive even at night. After dark underwater landscapes transformed: the coral polyps flourish, nocturnal inhabitants come out of hiding, and fluorescent plankton illuminates fantastic glow. The local inhabitants are particularly vivid coloration and unusual appearance — a red parrot fish, sea cows, striped groupers, different species of rays, sea turtles and octopuses.

Dangerous inhabitants . the coast can be found baleen shark baby sitter, but it rarely attacks people. A more serious predator, the oceanic whitetip shark, which swims in the open sea. Also there are sea urchins.

Fishing . possible trophies blue and white Marlin, Barracuda, grouper, Dorado, African Pompano, Kingfish, tuna, sail fish, bonefish.

Temperature . all year round — +24-28°C.

Purity . secluded Islands of the Caribbean are located far from the routes of oil tankers, so the water is crystal clear.

The composition of the water . the salt concentration of 36%. Thanks to the optimum proportions of iodine, magnesium, potassium and calcium, is used in thalassotherapy in combination with applications of sea mud. But after bathing necessarily need to take a shower.

Diving: in this sea, too, is something to see. Float fish-needle, blennies, greenfinches, crabs, shrimps and, of course, dolphins. On the bottom — lots of sunken ships, which can take an underwater walk.

Dangerous inhabitants . these include marine rockfish floating at the bottom. The injection is so painful that can cause painful shock. Shouldn’t have to touch and jellyfish with purple stains. They secrete a poison that causes severe burns.

Fishing . possible trophies — trout, lofar, carp, carp, mullet, sea bream, sea ruff. The temperature in summer is +22-26°C in winter to +5-7°C.

Purity . the water visibility is from 6 to 15 meters. The cleanest black sea resorts of southern coast of Crimea and Evpatoria. The dirty — Odessa.

The composition of the water . the concentration of salt — 17-18%. This is the only sea on the planet, the salinity of which is almost fully consistent with human blood. Due to this, marine minerals and trace minerals have a therapeutic effect on the skin.

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