Sea cottage: how to equip a suburban pond?

Country life – so you can call the time when we hosted his own beloved dachas. Not always, this period is limited to the summer season, because many live out of town constantly. In any case, the arrangement of cottages concern of all homeowners. I want it to be beautiful, fashionable, functional, had its own “flavor”.

Try to build on your plot pond – “zest” what makes the fashionable element of country dwelling. I think that it is an expensive and time-consuming pleasure? Not at all! The construction of the pond near her house will not require much time and money especially if you have the skills to work with the earth. Imagination here does not hurt.

As in any other business, first you need to determine the purpose, i.e. why you want to create a pond in his dacha? Maybe you wish to receive an artificial pond for the maintenance of aquatic plants; may be need in the “lake” with live fish. Whatever the purpose, the reservoir created by the same technology, and even an old bath dug in the ground and filled with water, assumes the function of a garden pond.

Stages of creation of the suburban reservoir:

1. Form a pit

Any pond starts with the pit or pit – depending on the size. For sadomasochists will approach a small pond with a depth of about 0.5 m. as the basis for future reservoir can use the old tub or a plastic Cup (the latter can be purchased at specialty stores).

Dig a trench carefully, comparing its size with the size of base to be used. If the bottom of the reservoir plan to shoot a waterproofing material, such as polyethylene for greenhouses or special plastic, great care should be taken when digging a hole is not required. The use of waterproof film is appropriate when the Cup size does not match the size of the pit or pond is planned with unusual shapes.

The depth of the pit should not be less than half a meter, if the water is suitable for plants. Want to have in the garden pond goldfish or Japanese carp – dig the pit in which the differences in depth would be 0.5-1.5 m. the pit Wall to let him be at a 45-degree slope, so not had a landslide.

2. Protect the reservoir from losses

An important step in the construction of holiday of the reservoir is its waterproofing. First cover the bottom of the “sea” geotextile – non-woven material, saving the main film from mechanical damage. Then cover with a layer of geotextile with plastic (thickness 150 microns), intended either for ponds, or for greenhouses. The thus treated pond is sometimes up to 20 years.

Concrete waterproofing increases water resistance of the home pond, but requires additional funds, which each of us not so much.

There is nothing easier than to fix the edge of the moisture barrier film with large natural stones. First, they will function as holders, the second will give the suburban pond surrounded by a special decor. We recommend you to fill the space between the boulders and earth to put her in Alpine plant species – summer the pond is ready! Composition take its final form after adding water.

3. Accommodating pond plant

The pond can not do without plants, so you have to plant trees and shrubs. Choosing plants for a garden pond is huge. Do not put in your mini-pond greens from natural areas if you want to populate it with fish. Together with plants can come diseases that are difficult to treat.

Clean, healthy plants are available in aquarium markets, such stores. Pay attention to the cultural forms of the Nymphaeum, or water lilies. Colors colors of nymphs can start red and purple and end yellow and white that shows the decorative possibilities of this plant. Beautiful water lilies leaves, creeping on the surface of the water, flowers, pleasing in its splendor throughout the summer.

In the autumn the pots Nymphaeum remove from the pond and put it in the basement. Then in the spring put them in the water.

In addition to water lilies, buy Elodea, duckweed, and floating Ricci. A good idea to look at the surface of a garden pond Bolotnik ordinary, or water star. The company will join and curly pondweed.

4. Intake of fish

Capri koi – the perfect resident of the home ponds, but keep in mind its dimensions. In a pond of secondary parameters will include up to 20 smaller or 4-5 more full (about 1.5 kg) of carp.

Feel in conditions of a country pond with gold fish, and in large quantities. Not fit fish with fatty growths, such as livingonlove, with veil fins (veiltail), fish whose eyes are easily injured (water eye, a telescope).

If the pond is shallow, the winter fish should be relocated to the aquarium. In a deep pond and a warm winter, the animals can stay under the open sky.

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