Sharks – fear or admire?

The recent incident in Egypt has attracted a lot of attention to the sharks. And opinions on the causes of attacks on people were divided: some believe that the steel base of a violation of the ecosystem, as well as the problems with “health” (well, at least one of the attackers) predator; the adherents of this theory believe sharks are not dangerous to humans; others think that sharks are always aggressive and, at “the meeting”, the probability of attack is 90%.

Sharks frighten and fascinate, and delight at the same time. According to the results of numerous studies of behavior of these predators, the experts recognized that most species of sharks are not dangerous to humans and even those that exhibit increased aggressiveness, does not consider the meat people “tasty” food and, as a rule, people do die from the loss or contamination of blood.

Returning to the incidents in Sharm El Sheikh in the end of 2010 you can see this. Think for yourself, if a shark was hungry enough for her hand to eat? Especially when there so much blood in the water, she had to get mad and lash out with even greater aggression. However, almost all the victims managed to get out of the water.

Also many of you know about the white shark attacks on surfers. After all, a well-known fact that the largest predatory fish confuses people with his lumimyrakassa – seals. Here is an example of the attack by two great white sharks on a surfer:

From the damage – only one hand. Here you have proof that sharks don’t eat people. And according to statistics the majority of shark attacks had not been fatal. In favor of the theory about the “error” when sharks attack man, there is one scientific basis – the taste buds are located deep in the throat . because the predator is not immediately determines that he made a mistake or not, and can cause some serious injuries before retreating.

A rather famous documentary film is 10 most dangerous sharks. The top ten “best” includes:

10th place – finetooth shark;

# 9 – blue shark;

8th place – hammerhead shark;

7 place – the sand shark;

6 – grey reef shark;

5 – Mako shark;

4 – ocean reef (aka albacore, a suspect in attacks in Egypt);

“Winners” were: 3rd place – tiger shark 2nd place – white shark, 1st place – bull shark . Here is how! Surprisingly the leader in attacks on humans is neither white, nor tiger or Mako shark!

On the Discovery channel in turn you could watch a movie “Deadly depths”, in which a psycho dived in shark-infested open water. He determined the ranking of the most dangerous places for swimming, based on the number of unprovoked and unexpected attacks of sharks on humans.

According to the analysis of Forest Strout a rating of “lethal” waters as follows: 5th place – the Caribbean sea, which is inhabited by sharks of different species in large numbers of swimmers and a lot of people. 4th place – South Pacific waters – famous for unprovoked attacks by bull sharks, which, among other things, the level of testosterone is 20 times higher than in humans. 3rd place – South Africa, on the coasts of which many surfers love to “catch” a wave, and it is no secret that there are white sharks prefer to look for food. 2nd place – South Australia – the situation is the same as that of South Africa. And, finally, the most dangerous waters are off the coast of Florida. This place is the glory of the “death” of the coast thanks to the 610 recorded shark attacks on humans. The reason is considered to be low visibility in the water. Judging by this statement, sharks attack “despite”.

Don’t forget that the man himself is a danger to sharks. People as deliberately killing them for fin soup, or their own satisfaction, and by accident – the accident in Sharm-El-Sheikh, when a drunk Serb night leaped from the tower into the sea and fell straight on the head of an unsuspecting and passing a shark-a hammer, causing the shark died and was discovered on the shore. She’s probably not one person in his life didn’t hurt!

Video with Christina Cerate made me a very big impression. In it the animal rights activists demonstrate that sharks can not only not be afraid, but to embrace, to caress, and even kiss. Of course it is no secret that you can enter a shark in the so-called TRANS due to the presence of extremely sensitive nasal region of the animal. But how does Christina really fascinating! Be sure to watch the video until the end. You’ll be shocked.

For myself, I can not determine the attitude to these predators. “Jaws”, of course, influenced the child’s psyche and, as a child, I was afraid to sail far from the shore even in the Black sea. Frankly, I find it scary still. But to draw firm conclusions from the category of “killer sharks” or “sharks are not dangerous to humans” in my opinion, it is impossible. Every time that is the case, the state of the predator, the environment, human behaviour. And, if you ever have the opportunity extreme “swimming with sharks”, I don’t know if I can risk it. And you?

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