Stocking of reservoirs.

Porzului, anybody that has a pond in the country, wants to revive it: to plant water plants, make a stream or waterfall. And many of the owners of these ponds are installing a fountain, and finally, trigger fish. Stocking of reservoirs is a common phenomenon in our days. And the school of fish not often associated with utilitarian needs, not to feed the family, but for beauty. For aesthetic pleasure. Fish and plants in the pond closely interact.

In the daytime the plants, using the reaction of photosynthesis, water consume carbon dioxide and give back oxygen. Fish breathe this oxygen. In the dark aquatic plants, like fish, consume the oxygen and works the same as the fish exhale carbon dioxide. When plants in the pond the excess, then in the morning, when the concentration of oxygen in water is negligible fish starts to die from lack of oxygen.

M OST fish species, e.g. carp or other herbivorous carp. They eat aquatic vegetation. With one hand they are cleaning the pond of excess vegetation, but on the other hand they can destroy the aquatic plants that you are trying to cultivate. Spending and the stocking of the pond, it is necessary to consider, if you want to have both fish and aquatic plants at the same time. Ie need to consciously choose the right types of plants and fish species for your pond.

If you spend the stocking of reservoirs,it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the reservoir: its depth and size. Your pond is not a bottomless barrel. Only set the filter for pond water purification, you can afford to have 1-3 kg of live weight fish at ARB water. But don’t overpopulate the pond biomass. And maximum fish size 50 -70 cm in the pond with vegetation not to exceed limits of 1 kg of fish per 1000 litres of water.

I f you like fish, which you admire, get a Japanese koi carp. There are about 80 species and 14 colour types are considered standard. And if you want to keep them in the pond, without overexposure in a warm pond in the winter, your pond should have a depth of 2 m, and wintering pit at the bottom of about 1 meter.

In the middle zone, in our time, in winter, with thaws and anomalous precipitation in the form of rain, sometimes above the surface of a frozen pond, a layer of water. And if the surface water body artificially made hole – hole, in order that the fish can breathe, the fish swims in the upper layer of water over ice. And then it happened strong frosts. And the top layer of water froze and froze together with the fish and the bottom layer of ice. And the fish was just frozen in ice.

And so, held the stocking of the pond and planted the plants. Now it is important to maintain biological balance between the plants and pond wildlife. The remains of fish feed and excretion all living organisms, sink to the bottom. The leaves of the trees, particles of grass and the remains of insects and other organisms by wind or rain water is also often recorded in the pond. Microorganisms that absorb oxygen from the water, turn this biomass into humus by ammonia. And ammonia poison the pond. Other organisms, again using oxygen transform ammonia into nitrite. But the poisonous nitrite. And again, another class of bacteria and using oxygen to transform the nitrite to nitrate. And it is dangerous to fish only at high concentrations.

N o, on the other hand, nitrate is another important nutrient compounds for pond plants. And the excess nitrate leads to a strong growth of algae in the pond. And we say the pond was overgrown with algae. In these circumstances, need aquatic plants can choke. Production of the necessary oxygen by the plants will decrease. The water becomes turbid. And the fish may die from lack of oxygen. To prevent this, filters for water purification.

D ovoline often for stocking of pond use such fish species as crucian carp, perch, IDE, and sometimes sturgeon. A particularly advanced owners of ponds and they are a breed of fish, like whitefish. Whitefish is one of the most valuable Northern fish belonging to the fish family and can be eaten raw. The Northern peoples are easy to change 4-pound whitefish on budovou white salmon.

To Arashi very undemanding and hardy fish. He sometimes is able to survive just a big barrel with water. This fish loves standing water and an abundance of slime – weed aquatic vegetation. In this vegetation carp can survive after freezing of the reservoir to the bottom.

In the case when you when stocking ponds are using bass, then you need to take into account that he is very greedy and sensitive to the quality of pond water. The perch feeds on larvae, fish larvae, insects, leeches. He not only eats frogs and tadpoles. At night he lies at the bottom, and in the afternoon hunts.

IDE – smart and unpretentious in the content of fish.

Key findings.

Auspicious time for laying the pond and its plants sesivany – autumn and early spring.

Water plants grow rapidly. It is better to plant more economical and use a basket. When stocking the pond must comply with the rule: maximum of 1 – 1.5 kg fish on Aro water. Fish tends to grow. And small fish become large.

O nce in the pond fish will appear, you need to remember that care is needed for them. Water needs to be filtered. To do in the winter polynyas, to prevent oxygen starvation in fish.

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