The festival of fly fishing in Great Novgorod

Last weekend, October 6-7, at the beach in Veliky Novgorod hosted the 2nd festival of fly fishing “Nov Fly”.

Fly fishing is a type of fishing in which,by using a specialized rod and cord, the bait (the fly) trapped in the water imitating an insect. Came this type of fishing is from England in the XV century. In Russia it is still not very popular, but in Siberia, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod competitions in fly fishing.

To the competition in Veliky Novgorod, which was held for the second time, was attended by fishermen from Russia, England, Ukraine and Finland. A total of 38 participants, among whom were the participants of the world Cup fly fishing. The fishermen competed in accuracy and casting distance, the fish they did not catch.

On Saturday there were a lot of spectators, they approached and asked: “Well, like, bite?”, and we were told that the fish we catch. The people with wondering eyes looked at us, said one of the participants.

As noted by a participant from the city of Kirov Maxim Kovyazin, fly fishing is good in that with one rod, you can catch any fish. “Fishing I got carried away with seven years, fly fishing have been doing for three years. It blends hobby into a profession. When you catch a fish on the fly, all happening before your eyes. The cord is in hand,sensations feel much more in comparison with fishing rod or spinning,” said Maxim.

Experienced fishermen said that if not mastered the technique of casting, then fish on the fly almost impossible to catch. To learn fly fishing is harder than spinning. Also, all the fly fishermen make their own flies, since their sale is almost there.

In the framework of the festival were held sports and entertainment events, children’s competitions, master classes for beginners and more experienced fly-fishers. In particular, for everyone has held a master class and world renowned fly fishing from Moscow Igor Tyapkin, which often show on the channel “Hunting and fishing”.

By results of competitions the best in the cast at a distance one-handed rod was the Novgorodian Peter Pryakhin, the best in casting for accuracy — Alexander Chernysh (St. Petersburg), in the reflux at a distance two-handed rod — Olshannikov Vasiliy (St. Petersburg). Worth noting and Aleksey Teryaev from Novosibirsk, who has two second places and one third.

We add that the competition was Novgorod fly the club, which this year became a regional branch of the national Union of Fishermen FFU.


The Volgograd sportsmen have caught the “winning” pikes

On October 6 in Kalachevsky area in the waters Karpovsky reservoir has passed the Open championship of the Volgograd region on a spinning from boats. As reported in the regional society of hunters and fishermen, in the competition for the title of best athlete spinning was attended by 10 teams from Volgograd and Volzhsky.

Sports fishermen in the world was provided 5 hours dedicated to fishing from the boat harbour area. According to the competition rules, in the course of sport fishing you can use any artificial lure, is permitted under the fishing regulations. It was forbidden to approach the boats to the participants closer than 50 meters from each other and to use passive methods of fishing, called trolling.

At the end of the competition to the competition to determine the winners was made a living fish, while the linear size of the pike caught had to be at least 32 cm On the results of a five-hour fishing won first place angler from Volgograd Vladislav Global. Its total production amounted to about 3.5 kg. Slightly lower results showed fishermen Shishliannikov Anatoly and Igor Nikolaev – the holders of second and third places in the individual competition. First team place went to the team of city sport society room 5 from Volgograd in the structure of Nikolaev, Global, Ignatiev. The prize for the biggest fish went to the oldest participant of the championship Anton Pavlovich Ivanov. The weight caught them pike was 1 kg 630 grams.


In the Kherson region have finished the world championship on catching of predatory fish: best anglers become Ukrainians

“Among the types of system coexistence with nature, mankind has identified such method of realization of the ancient hunting instinct, as sport fishing, which became part of the culture of international communication and interaction of people from different continents,” said Deputy Chairman of regional state administration Mykhailo Melnyk yesterday at the closing ceremony of the V world championship on catching of predatory fish spinning from the boat, added: “I am sure that this championship, which took place in Tauric land will contribute to implementing many of the priorities”.

So, by results of competitions in individual competition qualification pairs 3 place: Adrian speck and Chorial Vlasin (Romania), 2 Raimund, Litvinsky and Darius Chowra (Poland) and world Champions and first place was taken by representatives of the Ukrainian team Dmitry Korzenkov and Andrew Miller. In the team competition for the 3rd place was awarded the team of the Russian Federation, 2nd place and the silver was awarded to Poland and won the gold in Ukraine.

Welcoming the participants, winners and world Champions, the Vice-Chairman of regional state administration wished them further big wins, and all those present good health, optimism and well-being.

In addition, during the solemn ceremony, the Chairman of regional state administration Mykola Kostyak was transferred to Memorial.


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