The inhabitants of the red sea

Red sea closest to Europe, from any European city to him just a few hours of summer. In the Northern regions has created a favorable environment for the development of coastal settlements, and two villages, Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada, have become a small resort town, offering visitors a pleasant and comfortable stay. The sea has a lot to offer.

Red sea – a length of 2350km and width of 350km at the widest part (in the area of Eritrea) – like a long tube connects the Mediterranean sea with the Indian ocean. ( Figure No. 1 “the Red sea”) the Fauna of the red sea belongs to the Indo-Pacific region. Despite the variability of the seabed in different parts of the sea, its fauna is more or less homogeneous.

In the Gulf of Aqaba, the sea depth in several places reaches you, but the shore is sandy, with coral formations and is not very rich in vegetation, which is becoming more diverse as we move South. The southern part of the Sinai Peninsula is considered one of the beautiful places on the Red sea and RAS Mohammad, the southernmost part of one of the ten best beaches in the world for scuba diving. ( Figure No. 2 “the Sinai Peninsula”)

Nearby is the small fishing village of Sharm El-Sheikh, prevratilsya well-equipped tourist resort. Hurghada, located on the Egyptian red sea coast, has also become a tourist centre.

Coral reefs.

Reefs are oases in the great desert. The secret development of coral reefs, the so-called human beings who in the course of their life form colonies. ( Figure No. 3 “Coral reef resort Dahab”) These organisms are able to absorb from the sea water calcium carbonate, from which they build their skeleton. Individual colonies reach enormous proportions. It affects a huge variety of forms of corals, they can be round, in the form of columns, flat or branched. Corals exhibit a variety of colors with shades of yellow and pink, green and purple, brown and blue. ( Figure No. 4 “the Corals”) Color retain only living coral. Stony corals are the main builders of coral reefs, they form colonies. Shapes and sizes of stony corals are very diverse: ( figure No. 5 “Hard Corals”) they come in the form of a branched tree, towers and monoliths, spheres. The waters of the red sea are attractive due to the huge number of soft corals that cover large areas of the reef. ( Figure No. 6 “Soft corals”), They look like delicate bundles of variously colored flowers, other rubber animal figurines.

Dangerous inhabitants of the sea.

When we hear about dangerous tropical seas, we think about sharks as if the only purpose of their life is hunting for people. In the red sea usual huge number of sharks along the coast of Sudan. Tourists visiting the Red sea should be careful. As in the sea except sharks inhabit other dangerous organisms such as borodavchenko or terrible scorpaenopsis . ( Figure No. 7 “Bearded scorpenes”) lay motionless on the seabed, completely merging and waiting until the target gets in range of them shooting needles. If they are accidentally stepped on or touched, they can sting, resulting in the burned area swells up, it appears throbbing pain. The pain does not stop within a few days. Another inhabitant of the sea bottom, which hides under a layer of sand is Hostal, occurs in the Red sea everywhere, especially the spotted kind are endowed with a poisonous needle . Electric ray. ( Figure No. 8 “electric ray ”) also lives on the seabed where a deep-hidden under a layer of sand. It has no poisonous needles, but he is able to arrange any electric shock. Sea urchins ( figure No. 9 “Sea urchins”) night are emerging from their shelters in the reef and dot the sea floor. Many of them have a spherical shape. Their body is enclosed in a compact shell, which is covered with movable needles. Are widespread, fiery corals on the surface of their bodies are very small bodies capable of throwing out a thread that contains a strong poison and cause painful burns. To cause a burn can and some species of jellyfish . ( Figure No. 10 “jellyfish in red sea”.)

Morays are well adapted for life in the reefs. Their snake-like appearance, impressive size (up to 3M length) and the constant opening and closing of the mouth natural inspire fear. But, basically, if they are not teasing, they are not dangerous to humans. ( Figure No. 11 “Moray”.)

Got its name due to the characteristic protrusion on the head resembling the headdress of the French Emperor. These fish are especially numerous at RAS Mohammed, the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. ( Figure No. 12 “Napoleon Fish”.)

Got its name from the brightly colored and teeth, connecting like beak ( figure No. 13 “parrot Fish”).

The clown fish.

Some of the most numerous fish in surface waters over coral reefs. Painting different species ranging from dark grey and black, to bright contrasting combinations with orange, yellow. Masters of camouflage, fish clowns are barely visible on the surface of the seabed. ( Figure No. 14 “clown Fish”.)


At the mention of the sponges, they remember the ordinary bath sponge, they are actually so varied in form, color. ( Figure No. 15 “Natural marine sponges of the red sea”.)

In order to enjoy a wonderful vacation on the red sea coast need to take with a mask, pair of fins, a snorkel and enjoy the exceptional diversity of life in coastal waters. View this wonderful diversity of life it arouses curiosity and desire to learn the habits, understand the strange behaviour of all the inhabitants of the underwater Eden. In the last few years the Red sea is experiencing a tourism boom. Every day the number of divers in these waters reaches a few hundred, and such an intense impact on the sensitive ecosystem of the red sea require in the near future to carry out conservation measures for the establishment of marine parks located on the Egyptian red sea coast. However, the nature of the seabed remains as attractive, and it is hoped that in the coming years she will not suffer significant harm.

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