The marine inhabitants of Northern Cyprus

The Mediterranean can rightly be considered one of the richest basins in which are found many diverse species of marine inhabitants. The inhabitants of the Northern coast of the island of Cyprus is not only a different species of fish . but as well as exotic marine inhabitants .

The most common fish off the coast of Northern Cyprus is a small sea breams and gilthead . Local Turkish sea bream known as the “levrek” and Dorado in Turkish Cyprus called “chipura”. Just off the coast of the Northern coast of Cyprus less frequently, but still can be found and mullet . which in Turkish sounds the same, and the menu is in English as ” grey Mulet “.

Major mackerel – is a rare visitor North coast of Cyprus, but sometimes still fishermen she meets. Mackerel in Turkish sounds like “minari” and in some restaurants you can find dishes from this fish. Off the coast of Northern Cyprus it is rare and fish Tangri . the big fish of the halibut family.

In all restaurants the menu includes dishes from the most common on the island fish bream (” chipura “) and/or sea bream (” levrek “). In restaurants all the fish, pre-marinated in olive oil with a minimal amount of spices, usually cooked over charcoal. In restaurants with fresh fish supplied by local fishermen . who daily go out to sea and always returned with a rich catch.

From large fish off the coast of Northern Cyprus lives of eels . but as this fish rarely ascends from the depths of the sea, then catch the local fishermen rather difficult. From large fish off the coast of Cyprus most often there are still cod and tuna .

North Cyprus is the perfect place for underwater hunting and fishing!

Fans of spearfishing and only rocky shores of the Mediterranean sea you can find sea bass – grouper . Grouper for local fishermen this production number one and is considered to be one of their trophies.

So, in addition to fish off the coast of Northern Cyprus inhabited by other marine fauna, including shrimps of different species from the Royal to the little, pink octopus, squid, sea urchins and molluscs .

The Climate Of Cyprus. characterized 365 days of sunshine per year and warm crystal clear Mediterranean sea have created off the coast of Northern Cyprus, all fishing . because this lesson is one of the most popular activities on the island . During the year, from March to end of November, locals and tourists go to sea on boats and yachts and nearly always returned with prey. The most common fishing for tourists in the summer season is night fishing for tuna . To catch a fish on spinning with a length of about one meter is an unforgettable experience. Come to North Cyprus and see for yourself!

North Cyprus is the perfect place to experience rare species of marine turtles!

In addition to various species of fish and many marine life off the coast of Northern Cyprus in the summer months, you can find 2 kind of large sea turtles: the loggerhead turtle Caretta Caretta and green turtles Chelonia Mydas .

These two species of turtles come to the gold coast of Northern Cyprus to lay eggs in warm sand. Only the Northern coast of Cyprus, with its many sandy beaches and unspoiled nature, attracts such a rare mysterious creatures that have undergone a long journey of several thousand miles in order to breed.

Newborn cherepichato many years will surely return back to the shores of their birth to give life to their offspring. That’s why you need to save the nature coast in the pristine form in which it exists today.

North Cyprus has all the conditions for increasing populations of these rare reptiles: opened successfully and the project works on protection and protection of endangered species of turtles (SPOT), namely special beaches which are under protection are considered and protected.

Protected wild beaches are closed at night for visitors. During the summer season, from the first days of June and almost to the first decade of October, specially recruited a staff of volunteers conducts round-the-clock observation of large turtles, their nests and makes a new generation of turtles from predators of the island, such as foxes and crows.

During this period, from June to October, turtles come to lay eggs . Young offspring Matures and begins to hatch after 7-8 weeks from the time of laying, after which staff SPOT is open hole with eggs. All these measures led to the restoration of the population of loggerhead sea turtles Caretta Caretta and green sea turtles Chelonia Mydas on the island of Cyprus.

In the period from may to August you can see these relict turtles, and maybe even swim with them in the cautious and careful attitude to the undisputed symbol of the island.

In the period from August to end of September you have the opportunity to capture the touching moment of the hatching of young turtles from eggs and even release them on the long journey by sea with it.

We invite You to book a tour to North Cyprus and see the beauty of the underwater world with your own eyes!

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