The most dangerous fish in the world

People are afraid of many things: heights, the dark, enclosed space, and the like. Our material is devoted to this subject of fear with which we meet not often. However, if you meet me, you will not forget already never. Let’s talk about the most dangerous fish in the world!

12. Large tiger fish is a ruthless predator, living mainly in the waters of the African Congo river.

This creature has a terrifying blue and yellow eyes and two rows of sharp 5-inch teeth — the perfect murder weapon! This fish is very well developed sight and hearing. Once recognizing the prey, the hunter accelerates to 100 km/h and will not miss it. From such prosecution to the victim, alas, can not escape. Fishing enthusiasts appreciate the process of catching a big tiger fish for the tension, excitement and always the heady taste of victory in case of a successful outcome!

11. Catfish that live in South and Southeast Asia, can be more than two meters long and weighing about a hundred pounds!

In India there is a tradition to burn the dead, and then give the ashes to the river water. Some huge fish were accustomed to feed on the remains of corpses. The researchers believe that it is the fact that catfish have taste this food, they often attack bathers, for the latter often ends in death!

10. Piraiba from the family of catfish inhabits the Amazon and other rivers of South America.

Fish and emits a terrible loud roar, and those hearing it for the first time it seems that roaring lion! This animal, an adult specimen of which can hold a minimum of three men, a ferocious carnivore and potentially may attack a human. Sharp teeth hold the prey firmly, not allowing her to resist.

9. The great Barracuda inhabits the shores of the Caribbean Islands, in the Mediterranean sea and Western Atlantic, but may occur in Malaysia, Indonesia, Fiji, Bermuda and Indian ocean.

Greenish fish has a torpedo-like torso and uneven teeth length 7 cm, designed for tearing off chunks from the body of the victim. Young Barracuda are hunting mostly in packs, while adults prefer to feed alone. These animals are very attracted to shiny objects (especially metal), resembling the backs of silvery fish — a favorite delicacy barracudas. People freshwater predators rarely attack, however, can cause severe injuries.

8. The black piranha is found in Amazon, Orinoco, and some rivers of Brazil.

This fish is extremely aggressive to other floating creatures and is known mostly for its sharp as a knife, teeth with grip, 30 times the weight of the power of piranha! Although this animal could easily kill a man, it does not attack opponents larger than him in size.

7. Mississippi pancernik is one of the most dangerous fish in the world living on the American continent. In ancient times, plates that cover the body of this terrible creature made of sharp arrowheads.

Pancerniki indifferent to people, but if they sense danger, can use their two rows of razor-sharp, teeth for effective self-defense!

6. Paku — she has terrible teeth and it can reach a length of up to metres and weighing more than 25 kg.

5. Ordinary catfish in prehistoric times could reach a length of 6 meters and weighing some 6 tons!

Today also there are very large individuals who are able to swallow whole prey, comparable in size with an adult!

4. Giant sawfish is rarely found in rivers and lakes, so as to be on the verge of extinction.

3. Electric eel — a relative of catfish, uses to kill his victims a discharge of 550 volts! The strain deadly to humans, therefore, to take the acne in your hands, you must protect them from strong insulating material: for example, rubber gloves.

Death from contact of the open portion of the body with a gray trunk of the eel occurs instantly, and does not leave any bite marks or skin damage. This fish terrifies the tourists visiting the habitat of the eel — people refuse to swim in rivers, for fear of meeting with “high voltage” inhabitant of the waters.

2. The great white shark inhabits all over the globe, in deep and shallow water. Fish has a torpedo-shaped body, painted in grey, rarely bluish in color.

In the mouth of the shark fits about 3000 teeth, and her feelings are so developed that it can smell one drop of blood in 100 litres of water. White shark holds the record for the number of attacks on humans, but the species of these fish are threatened and heavily guarded by conservationists.

1. Bull shark — the most dangerous fish in the world. It can exist in both salt and fresh water around the world, and by the force of the bite to her than any one fish.

This shark is omnivorous and does not shrink even dolphins and their own kind! People also included in the menu of this animal, whose bite is fatal to us.

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