The most dangerous marine life of the red sea.

Egypt is one of the most popular tourist destinations among tourists. The majority of tourists come to Egypt for the red sea, which is home to many fish. Red sea, like any tropical sea, is fraught with danger. So you need to be cautious, as it is home to many carnivorous and poisonous fish. Swimming in the Red sea, pay attention to the color of the fish. The brighter their color, the more poisonous they are. Such fish cannot be caught by hand. Firstly, do not swim far from the shore. Secondly, it is not recommended to swim in the open sea. Note that in the Red sea you can not swim at night. If you are somewhere cuts, it does not need to go into the water. Of course, if the Red sea was so dangerous, it is unlikely that you would pay someone bathed. Below is listed a list of the most dangerous representatives of the red sea.

The most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea:

The shark is the most dangerous predator of the red sea. In this sea there are the 30 species of sharks. The most dangerous species of sharks can be attributed to tiger and oceanic whitetip, which can attack people. If you believe the information in 1991 in the red sea saw a great white shark, which is considered the largest and most dangerous in the world. Of course, this information may be false. In Egypt kazdego rest millions of tourists from different countries. And attacks the unit. We all remember 2010, when sharks attacked at once on 4-of tourists? But according to Egyptian authorities, the shark was caught and killed. Why sharks attacked tourists? One of the most convincing versions was the fact that a ship dropped in the sea a batch of tainted meat, thereby lure the sharks to the coast, where tourists swam. But in 2011, all was quiet, no attacks have been recorded. I myself have rested on the Red sea and talked with an experienced diver on the topic of shark attacks. He said that sharks do not pose any danger to humans, they are afraid of people.

Stingrays are another dangerous inhabitant of the red sea. Rays are of two kinds: scat hvostokol and electric ray. And that is another threat. The first slope has the tail spike with poison. I have to say, the shot he painful. Second view of the slope puts an electrical discharge, which in humans can cause even pareticheski shock.

Sea urchins. Every tourist who stay in Egypt, probably saw plenty of sea urchins. Especially a lot of them on the coral beaches. So if you chose the hotel coral beach, make sure you buy special Slippers in which to swim in the sea. I also rested in the hotel with a coral reef, but these Slippers did not buy. Went straight from the corals without the Slippers, the water was clear, thank God not hurt. Next time be sure to buy Slippers. What dangerous sea urchins? First, stepping on a sea urchin, many of the needles will stick into your foot, it’s quite painful. Secondly, the needles are poisonous.

Barracuda fish – fish is very dangerous because it has sharp teeth that can be compared with the blades. In addition, it is the fastest fish in the sea. The maximum size of the Barracuda – 2 meters. For humans it is not dangerous because it feeds on small fish. But the climb to it is impossible. Since barracudas can work protecting reflex and she attacks you.

Moray is unpleasant in the eyes of the fish. Personally, I faced two times to swim up close to her did not dare. Moray is like a thick snake, it has scales and fins. Its bite is not only painful, but also dangerous, as it can begin infecting the human body. In color it is different. Teeth Moray sharp. The maximum length is 2.5 meters. Moray eels during the day is virtually invisible, so the chance to see them during the day is minimal. This nocturnal predators.

The Zebra fish is one of the most poisonous fish of the red sea. Some this fish is called a Lionfish, as it looks like a fan made of feathers. Try this fish to keep, as far as possible. From the bite of such fish possible even death. To destroy the poison of this fish should be immersed in hot water. The hotter the water will be, the better. If one is bitten by this fish, immediately go to the hospital.

Sea snake – very poisonous dwellers of the red sea. Their venom is much more dangerous than Cobra venom. But the action of the poison takes place very slowly. Therefore,after the bite you will have time to call an ambulance.

Starfish is the representative of invertebrate inhabitants of the red sea. In size it is from 1 cm to 1 meter. Has thorns, which can be poison. Of course, stepping on a starfish, you will not die, but at the injection site can remain red and will be hard to burn.

Marine mollusk with a Cone. This is a fish dangerous to humans because after poisonous mowing can begin paralysis of the limbs. May even stop breathing and step analiticheskii shock. There were cases when the injection clam Cone has been fatal.

Probably, after reading this article, you are very scared and no longer want to spend their holidays on the coast of the red sea? Not so much to worry about. Of course, in the Red sea there are many dangerous creatures, but they will rarely kick.

Typically, the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea are found at depth or in the canyons. Even if you meet with any dangerous denizen of the red sea, which I listed above, you should: remain calm, always keep your distance, no need to take risks and to approach the dangerous inhabitants.

What to do if you met a shark?

So as not to attract the attention of sharks, do not need to go into the water, on the body if you have fresh scratches, or wounds. Remember that the shark can smell the blood from several kilometers. She never attacks directly. First of all, it examines the object, swims around it a few times. If you will panic, you will attract the attention of sharks. In this case, stay calm. Even if you start to panic and because of all the forces will float to shore, you still will not swim away from the shark. When meeting with a shark stay calm and try any sudden moves quietly move closer to shore.

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