Treacherous sea killer

Us always attracted by exotic countries and Islands, with white beaches and clear warm waters. But you have no idea how dangerous can be your next swim. Speaking of danger, we immediately imagine a shark with a huge jaw, and strive to swallow some of the diver. Meanwhile, a greater threat are they, and little marine killer, which at first glance is completely harmless. At the moment scientists can name about 500 species of poisonous fish, 93 species no less venomous coelenterates, echinoderms 26 species and 91 species of mollusks that await bathers in the coastal zone.

Among Russian tourists very popular Red and Mediterranean seas. In them there are sharks, stingrays and poisonous fish. But, as a rule, they avoid coastal areas and customers can be calm. As for the Chinese Islands, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and other seas, oestrogenicity. Since we are not talking about huge terrifying marine predators, and about nondescript or Vice versa incredibly beautiful creatures, which at first glance does not come any danger.

One such fish is the stonefish or verrucosa . It rightly can be attributed to marine killers. Borodavchenko difficult to see as it really looks like stone. All the body of the fish is covered with scales and bumps and growths. Sometimes it can decorate brown stripes and spots. The stonefish is rarely more than 20 cm long, it has a disgusting big head, small eyes and a large mouth with massive, jutting jaw. From the dorsal fin sticking out poisonous thorns. Killer loves to dig in the sand, so a diver could easily come to fish and to prick of thorns.

This poison, once in the blood, destroys red blood cells and affects the Central nervous system. People may die in a few hours after contact with the poisonous spines. And survivors in most cases are disabled.

In the Red sea, in the Pacific and Indian oceans, off the coast of Northern Australia in addition to borodavchenko find another marine killer – fish-lion . All the body of the fish is painted bright pink stripes, and the fins look like clear pink ribbons. But this beauty is deceptive. It was under the fins are deadly spikes. Pricked, you do not immediately feel it. But, after a while, the pain will become impossible to tolerate.

Poison fish-the lion breaks the heart and causes convulsions. If not treat the injection site, gangrene will result. This killer fish can be found off the coast of the Caribbean sea.

If you want to spend a vacation somewhere off the coast of Eurasia, it is advisable to meet in the water with the sea dragon or fish-snake . This fish got its name because of the elongated and flattened laterally, reaching 40 cm in body length. Brown-yellow back sea dragon is covered with dark stripes with ragged edges. The danger for divers is the dorsal fin and the area along the gills. And there are deadly poisonous spikes.

The venom from a dragon-killer causes abnormalities of the cardiovascular system, breathing difficulties, and seizures. In severe cases, paralysis of the limbs, and sometimes death. The fish-snake lives off the coast of Chile and Africa.

But leadership among marine fish-killers rightfully belongs to rays. To confuse them is absolutely impossible with any fish. Looks like these aggressors probably know all. Particularly dangerous poison stingrays-postonogov . It is highly toxic and affects the cardiovascular system. The habitat of this fish is the Atlantic ocean.

Beware of the needles

But not only fish can be dangerous. For this role, very suitable for sea urchins . They live in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. There are about 940 species of these bizarre invertebrates, but a threat to human are just a few. Mean sea urchin looks like a solid ball covered in needles. In them is poison.

Some of these sea killers – tropical urchins that live in the coral reefs. Your needles with a length of 30 cm they are able to pierce even the wetsuit of the diver. Also poisonous sea urchins can be found near the Japanese coast. They are called toxopneustes. Solid spikes instead of toxopneustes covered with flexible stems with tweezers from limestone folds on the ends. The venom of these echinoderms causes severe pain, breathing difficulties and paralysis.

Death from a jellyfish

But there are far more insidious killers of the sea than fish and prickly urchins is translucent jellyfish . An inexperienced tourist it is very difficult to consider in water transparent body of the jellyfish. Meanwhile, their poison can cause damage of different nature: from burns to paralysis.

In the waters of Australia and the Philippines is found one of the most dangerous jellyfish – starfish . Its venom it could kill a person in seconds.

In the world of jellyfish meet giants, such as cyanea or a lion’s mane . Imagine a jellyfish with the body shape in the form of bells 2.5 meters long. 150 thirty-meter-long venomous tentacles in a bun. And there are bundles of 8! They are dark red in color, and develops a beautiful plume, resemble the lion’s mane. Poison tianai not so toxic as to cause death, but to leave the human body is capable of deep ulcers. The lion’s mane can be found in the North Pacific ocean and in the Baltic sea.

Unlike lanei Medusa gonionemus the size of half dollar coins. Because of its size the baby is very difficult to see. Her body resembles a bell with brown pleats. On the marine killer hominem does not pull, but to harm. From contact with it, the person feels sharp pain in back and joints, shortness of breath. It inhabits shallow waters of the Pacific ocean and the sea of Japan.

Naturally, the inhabitants of the sea and ocean waters are not going anywhere, and abandon the long-awaited vacation because of the danger of meeting with them is not worth it. But, as the saying goes: “Forewarned is forearmed”.

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