Winter catfish

In recent years, the Outlook of many anglers is undergoing change due to the fact that radically changes the idea of catching summer fish in winter. Less than 20 years have passed since then, as anglers purposefully and successfully began to catch from the ice carp, and in 80-ies of the fishing didn’t even write, because it was thought that the crucian carp buries itself in the mud, where it sleeps all winter.

Could we have imagined ten years ago that carp can catch in the winter, and caught instances not inferior to the summer trophies: my personal record 2003 — river carp with a weight of 15.5 kg. increasingly on our rivers coachmen anglers became interested in barbel (madder), about ice fishing which is generally no information in the fisheries literature, but, nevertheless, the barbel don’t mind, and he persistently seeks to get to the list of winter trophies Transcarpathian fishermen.

However, what struck me most was the story that happened to us in early February of last year near the village Velyki heivtsi, near Uzhgorod, where there are several lakes, formed after excavation of clay for the needs of the brick factory. Two local lakes my friend rented and restocked fry of common carp and grass carp. In lakes, big pike, carp, tench, channel catfish and every little thing.

On the Latorica, where we caught the carp, once again broke the ice and we had no choice as to move to the lake and catch the redeye pereklyuchitjsya and carp. It turned out that in addition to the fish here gets a major sleeper, and around the flooded bushes takes a heavy bass. Knowing about the presence of pike, put zherlits.

The day was warm, the temperature rose above zero. At 14:00 there was the cotton of the spring on the near tackle, and reel, some line bleed, stopped. Running up to the gear and wait a bit, decided to strike. This was our mistake. You should always wait for the coil on the imitation fish will again begin to rotate, then when hooking the fishing line hits the corner of the mouth of the pike, where no sharp teeth, and the chance to get pike on the ice increase. At the time of the strike I rather thought thrown out of the bait than the fish on the hook. Pike resisted a few seconds, and as a result, the tee was bitten off, but we have hope!

After recovery gear planted on the hook for the Rudd, and the tackle took its place over the fire hole. We returned to the place of fishing and the bait on the first bite pike decided to “lend the eye”. Did not have time to fill the cups, both on the same tackle “broke out” checkbox. In a minute after the resumption of rotation of the coil, I hooked. Something that has reeled off 10-15 m of fishing line, rested under the ice and was trying to pry out of my hands remaining. After 15 minutes of hard, but careful fight, not dropping at the sight of his comrades authority – experienced angler, I failed to hole a pike weighing about 6 kg. the Partner has completed the battle on the ice the exact impact of the hook in the upper jaw of the fish.

A few years ago, we very well caught pike at night, but on open water and the fishing was on the donkey. The moon was almost full. Afternoon bites were not monitored, but after dark everything changed, and started this feeding period, resulting in until the morning we caught more than two dozen pikes. On this day the moon was close to full moon, so we decided to leave the tackles on the night.

In the morning only beginning to deteriorate, we were already on the pond. 14 zherlits not worked only two! At first the line was completely uncoiled from the coil, and tee was missing. Picture yourself on the ice when all around you is worth a dozen zherlits with raised boxes, and you take out first with otkusannymi leash.

And then began what I believed with difficulty: on the second tackle sat channel catfish weighing about 500 g. This catfish is even rare in summer and winter, from ice. With other zherlits we caught five catfish, and then caught two more on just recharged tackle! When dawn came, the holiday is over. We, as an evil, forgot the camera and so decided to try fishing for catfish.

Two days later, the weather changed dramatically, the pressure during this time, rode down, then up, the temperature plummeted from positive to -10 *C. Small bitterling was bought in any store “Quiet pool” Tackle simplified — we decided to catch Poplawski — float, sinker, hook and line is 0.3 mm. due to the vicissitudes of the weather companion quietly voiced doubt about the successful outcome of our venture, but. Sitting on ice and armed with a camera, waited for the approaching night.

When fully dark, the concert began! The bite was followed with such force that each time I had to fish the bait almost out of the hole! The intensity of biting struck, I was just stunned! Catfish on the bite is not affected even dramatic weather changes, and he was caught out all night.

In three days the snow fell, the weather stabilized and we returned to the lake. Day quite intensively pecked pike, but surprisingly between the pikes, the boxes began to raise and channel catfish! However, their bites occurred much less frequently than at night, and the instances got smaller.

This night gear have been upgraded, each box with adhesive tape secured on the Firefly. Monitor the bites became much easier, and night fishing has turned into a spectacular sight! Within an hour we caught 15 catfish, and a family supper together the next day was guaranteed!

So opened for us a new exciting fishing from ice by channel catfish. For several years on this lake we fished only for live bait Rudd, perch, pike and occasionally, but channel catfish were eating the ice — such a miracle we have not seen before!

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